Zoom Integration for WooCommerce 2.1.5

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Zoom Integration for WooCommerce

Zoom Integration for WooCommerce 2.1.5

Zoom Integration for WooCommerce allows you to automate your zoom meetings directly from your WordPress dashboard by automatically connecting your zoom meetings to your WooCommerce products. It now supports WooCommerce product providers as well.

If you need to integrate with WooCommerce Bookings, go to this page from here.

A free version of Video Conference with Zoom API is required to get started. Download from Link.

More benefits for meetings if you subscribe to the Zoom PRO subscription plan.

Meetings available for purchase with the WooCommerce demo: here

Note: Webinars are supported. Recurring meetings require video conferencing with Zoom Pro


  • Create Affordable Zoom Meetings!

Your zoom meetings are automated if you decide they can be purchased. You can set this option to purchase a meeting at wp-admin> Zoom Meetings> Add New and WooCommerce integration box.

  • Join and start connections
    People who buy the product will receive links to join their order processed emails, and there will be launch links for hosts. Links are also displayed in my frontend account> Meetings tab.
  • Join via browser links
    You can choose whether you want your users to join directly from the browser without downloading the zoom app (currently in beta). How ? After your meetings are purchased, users receive two links, join via the app, and browser links that allow users to join directly from the browser.
  • Vendor support
    Since version 2.1.0, this plugin is now also compatible with the WooCommerce Merchant Vendors plugin and allows vendors to hold their own separate meetings. The admin can allow vendors to assign a specific account on Zoom, which allows vendors to create meetings from that account only. See more for documentation!
  • Meeting Order List
    On your meeting page and the product linked to the meeting, there will be a list of emails containing the Order IDs that purchased the meeting to make your meetings more secure. This will be a useful feature for the host to identify the people in their meeting.
    View purchased meetings and recordings
    In the My Accounts section, users will be able to view and download purchased meeting recordings. The administrator can restrict viewing of the postings view in the my accounts section by hiding this configuration option.

How to Free Download:

Note: You can download by clicking the below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “Zoom Integration”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.



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