YITH WooCommerce Waiting List Premium 1.9.6

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YITH WooCommerce Waiting List Premium

YITH WooCommerce Waiting List Premium 1.9.6

YITH WooCommerce Waiting List Premium 1.9.6 Research on online stores shows that informing customers when out-of-stock items become available again converts 10-15% of requests into actual purchases.

Have one of your most popular products sold out? Are you waiting for materials but are you afraid of losing customers? Give them the ability to add an out of stock item to a product waiting list and email them as soon as they get back to their e-commerce.

This ensures that you don’t lose customers and is the easiest way to retain them without letting them run away. You will see that your sales and customer satisfaction increase.


  • Waiting list subscription form on single product page. In case of an unregistered user, the form also shows a login text with the e-mail address entered.
  • For registered users who are already subscribed to the waiting list, the link in the form allows them to leave the list.
  • In the admin edition product, Metabox: admin can see how many users are currently subscribed to the waiting list for each product and send emails to all of them (Ajax).
  • A basic template for emails.
  • Customize the text displayed instead of “Notify me …”, text on the button, and “save successful” text.


  • All features of the free version
  • Advanced form customization: delete “notify me …” text, button text, “save successful” text, error text, and text. Customize graphic style: colors and fonts.
  • Content customization in email template – choose product image and content
  • Send confirmation email for successful backlog subscription
  • Email the store manager when a user subscribes to the waiting list New
  • Set up automatic email sending as soon as the product goes from “out of service” to “in stock”.
  • After re-stocking the product, send the email to only a certain number of users according to the available product quantity New
  • Export user emails from CSV file to waiting list New
  • Variable product support: the possibility to subscribe to a waiting list for any type of a product that is not in stock
  • Maintain your user waiting lists even after email is sent.
  • Exclude some products from viewing the waiting list option
  • Use a tab for advanced management of waiting lists: you can delete them, edit (add or remove users), send the email to all or only to some users.
  • Make the “My Waiting List” section available on the Users page “My Account” (for registered users): they see a list of all the waiting lists they have subscribed to so far. They can also unsubscribe from there.
  • Mandrill integration
  • Registration to the product waiting list at any point on the page thanks to the specific shortcode
  • Export waitlist users in CSV New
  • Add a mandatory checkbox to inform users how their email addresses will be used and will be GDPR compliant in all respects New
  • Dual subscription option for registered users: Even registered users will be asked to confirm their enrollment in a waiting list New
  • Integration with YITH WooCommerce Product Packages New

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