YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium 1.2.24

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YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium

YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium 1.2.24

Download YITH WooCommerce Uploads Premium 1.2.24 – The freedom to customize your orders is an advantage that gives users an extra guarantee that no one else has. Let them upload images, text documents or other files and meet your needs and the needs of your customers with YITH WooCommerce Downloads!

The purpose of this plugin is simple: to assist you in managing your e-commerce site. Whether you offer the freedom to personalize the t-shirts you sell with an image or text, you need specific signed documents, or you want to allow users to upload a specific file for those orders that contain customizations, this is YITH WooCommerce Downloads. You need.

Just imagine how awkward it would be to receive all these files via email – you will easily create chaos and lose all attachments from your customers, because you will never be happy to receive a t-shirt printed with someone else’s image. . Fortunately, YITH WooCommerce Downloads solves this problem and leaves no room for confusion by allowing any file upload, neatly arranging orders and related attachments!


  • Upload one file per order
  • Upload a file from the shopping cart page or from the “My Account” page, depending on the order status.
  • Set a maximum size for the attachment
  • Select accepted extensions
  • Accept or reject attachments from users
  • Send a notification email when the file is accepted or rejected
  • Users and administrators can annotate attachments
  • Users can delete the attachments according to the order status.
  • Adjust thumbnail / preview quality and size for attachments
  • Customize the save path of files.
  • Set how many attachments can be uploaded for each product
  • Disable file uploads for certain store products
  • You can create custom upload rules for a single product and its variants.
  • You can view one line (of the same product) per product in the basket and upload special files for each copy.

How to Free Download:

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