YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium 2.1.2

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YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium

YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium 2.1.2

Download YITH WooCommerce Stripe Premium 2.1.2 – Industry research has shown that online credit card payments increase sales by up to 23% because products and services are more accessible to customers. YITH WooCommerce Stripe offers the ability to make all of this simpler and faster in your own e-commerce, saving you the hassle of doing all this from the backend and ensuring your credibility on the web.

All of the largest and most reliable e-commerce websites allow for credit card payments, thus allowing integration with your own website instead of referring to another external website. Some merchants avoid the problem of credit card integration because the process can be more difficult, but they lose credibility. YITH WooCommerce Stripe integrates credit card payment for you and the circuits you offer.

Also, allowing different payment methods, in addition to the standards WooCommerce offers, has many advantages for your business activities. Making payment an automated process increases productivity as it doesn’t eliminate the time you could spend on other aspects of your business and also makes things faster, which is highly appreciated by your users.

The results of the brand image and the loyalty of its customers have improved. Additionally, the ability to use credit cards makes customers feel freer to spend more while shopping. YITH WooCommerce Stripe makes this possible for many supported countries. Make sure you or your business is located in one of the supported countries (see this page) and then enjoy!


  • Make credit card payments with Stripe Checkout and direct users to a separate page on Stripe to complete the payment.
  • Compatible with SCA (Strong Client Authentication) New
  • Test it with fictitious credit cards
  • Three payment methods
  • Make order returns directly from the admin order page
  • Automatically save user card information or let them choose whether to save for future payments
  • Users can manage their credit card numbers from their own accounts
  • Authorize credit cards and allow deferred payment (i.e. after order is complete)
  • Submit Stripe user data added at checkout
  • Use webhooks to sync any transaction (refunds, partial refunds, user profile changes, etc.) on your Stripe account with your website.
  • Users are automatically added to the blacklist in case of payment declined
  • Possibility to configure invoice data compulsory for classical payment forms.
  • Fully compatible with YITH WooCommerce subscription and YITH WooCommerce subscription
  • YITH WooCommerce subscription renewal mode support: renewal orders are now managed by the YITH subscription plugin and changes in renewal amount and date are now allowed
  • When a YITH WooCommerce subscription type product fails to renew, please try again with other cards

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