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YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles Premium 1.4.6

Download YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles Premium 1.4.6 – The “package” technique is one of the smartest strategies to increase the sales of product combinations and help customers come back for new offers.

Think about what customers are searching for on your site, what they are buying and what they want to buy. For example, if you sell a camera, most users who buy it may also need a memory card or rechargeable battery.

How do you encourage the purchase of these products on your site, increase the sales of related products, and create a solid sales strategy? YITH WooCommerce Product Packages allow you to create temporary packages by combining products and managing discounts on the final sale price.

You can add unlimited products to the package and choose to show or hide the product, name and description. You can use the default information for each product or add a custom description.

You can also add variable products to your packages so users can choose the right options before purchasing. Optional products are displayed in the package with a checkbox so users can choose to purchase or exclude them.


  • Create unlimited product packages with fixed prices
  • Fixed quantity for each product included in the package
  • Include only simple products in a package
  • Freely choose the price system of the package: fixed-price or the sum of the prices of the products in the package
  • Add product variations to the package
  • Assign shipping rates to only the package or each included product
  • Change the title and description of each product in the package.
  • Determine the minimum and maximum quantity that can be purchased for each item in a package
  • Set a percentage discount for each item in a package
  • Shows the amount of savings associated with the discount applied to fixed price packages New
  • Set a product to “optional” so that the package is not required to be purchased.
  • Add an item to a package and hide it from users
  • Hide product images in a package
  • Include “grouped” products instead of those included in the report
  • Replace single product template files and widgets
  • Determine the minimum and maximum amount of items required to purchase the bundle
  • Determine the minimum and maximum quantity of different items required to purchase the on-demand bundle
  • Links to “hidden” products included in the package are also removed from the “Package” product detail page.
  • Automatically set the item in the bundle to out of stock if one of the included items has the same status
  • Two ways to view packaged product prices on the backend order page and invoices:
    do not show the price of the package and the products included
    show the price of each item, not the package
    Shortcode add to cart form to print the package
  • Use the handy popup on the product edit page to add products to the package and speed up the product setup process
  • Choose how to view the price of your packages on the shop page: minimum and maximum prices, minimum, price only, discount and regular rates.
  • Take full advantage of YITH WooCommerce Quick View compatibility and view the package with hot links to items in the quick view lightbox. That way, your users won’t leave the package page.
  • Enable the PhotoSwipe option so that when your users click on the picture of any of the included items, they can see the picture in full screen.
  • Name Your WooCommerce Price Integration with YITH.

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