YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp Premium 2.2.1

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YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp Premium

YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp Premium 2.2.1

Download YITH WooCommerce Mailchimp Premium 2.2.1 – Run targeted email marketing campaigns for your store customers using MailChimp. If you can manage your contacts more systematically, you can definitely be more persuasive and see sales growth in your store. All this can be managed automatically with this new YITH plugin in a few simple gestures.

With YITH WooCommerce MailChimp, you can manage email marketing campaigns for your e-commerce with a few simple gestures. After the order is created or completed, you can add people from your store automatically or only with the consent of the customer.

You can take advantage of all the benefits that an email service provider like MailChimp offers to promote your new products, offers, store, to maintain with your customers or whatever you want.

We all know that email marketing is a very powerful tool for promoting the store and increasing sales, especially when managed regularly and systematically with targeted campaigns with a much higher sales conversion rate.


  • Integrate WordPress and WooCommerce with your MailChimp profile so that your customers automatically subscribe to one of your lists at checkout.
  • Register new users as soon as your order is placed or completed.
  • Show a checkbox to explicitly allow or deny subscription.
  • Send a confirmation email about the subscription (dual subscription managed by MailChimp).
  • Update a user who is or isn’t already registered on the list.
  • Send a “welcome email” to newly subscribed users (the welcome email is managed by MailChimp).
  • Specify stakeholders for new subscriptions during the checkout process.
  • An advanced selection mode that allows you to add a user to multiple lists and set interest groups for each (if any).
  • In advanced mode, associate WooCommerce payment fields with MailChimp list fields for automatic filling of user profiles.
  • In advanced mode, specify the conditions for new subscriptions to the list.
  • Store integration – You can create campaigns targeting customer shopping preferences, manage abandoned baskets, and control revenue from newsletter campaigns directly from the Mailchimp Dashboard.
  • Use a shortcode to print an AJAX form to the screen to sign up for the list.
  • Select lists and groups for new user registration and allow users to subscribe to the newsletter while signing up.
  • Select the fields to be printed on the form by processing different MailChimp field types and required fields.
  • Synchronization procedure for saving existing customers and orders in MailChimp
  • Customize the style of the form with an easy-to-use panel.
  • Use a widget that prints a subscription form to a specific list.
  • Select lists and groups even in the widget.
  • Even in the widget, select and sort fields and change them by field type.
  • Customize the widget from the options panel.
  • Transfer your set of eCommerce users to a MailChimp list.
  • You can filter users and distinguish between users and customers, or filter them using parameters related to their orders.
  • Export users to a CSV file and use it in management software.
  • Display a widget with statistics from user-defined lists in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Integrate eCommerce360 to track purchases from the MailChimp campaign.

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