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YITH Store Locator for WordPress

YITH Store Locator for WordPress 1.0.4

Download YITH Store Locator for WordPress 1.0.4 – While many users rely on Google maps to find physical stores and get directions, most prefer to visit the store or company website and use the store locator for accurate and up-to-date information.

There are people who use the store locator to find the nearest store, check opening times, or find a Customer Service contact number, or to find out which store offers a particular service or is selling a Product Specific category: many reasons why users search online before buying. Our YITH store locator is a one-stop solution for all these needs.

You can create as many physical stores as you want and set the address, opening times, contact details, description, and personalized picture for each. Finally, you can also select the stores you want to feature and that will appear in the first two search results.

Create numerous filters for your services (home delivery, free parking, cleaning, garment picking, etc.) and specific product categories to help your users find and reach stores that offer the products or services they really need. .



  • Create one or more store listings and view them on a map
  • For each store, you can configure:
  • Address details
  • Add a description and images
  • Contact information; with a special contact url button
  • Advanced settings, including custom URL to redirect users to page information or Google website
  • special text for opening hours
  • set a map icon for each store
  • Create filters for shops and create new values ​​for each
  • Add custom labels and icons for each section
  • Choose your favorite type for each filter
  • Please select
  • Box
  • Show separate detail pages for each store
  • 2 different layouts (classic and alternative) for the store detail page


  • Choose the installer from the 4 available icons or install a custom one
  • Charger style
  • Choose to enable or disable the following sections:
  • Map
  • modal information
  • radius circle on the map
  • search bar and filters
  • geographic location
  • Results
  • “See all” button
  • Enable full width store locator page layout
  • Set the width of the map and result columns


  • Display permanent hover information with individual settings and style options
  • Adjust map position left or right with margin adjustments
  • Distance unit can be set as kilometers or miles
  • Enable and style pin information on the map
  • Set the map to show a road map or satellite
  • Set the default zoom level and position
  • Use custom styles for map with Google JSON
  • Enable automatic geolocation after the page loads
  • Design geolocation button with custom button text
  • Show a circle on the map to set the user’s address on the map


  • Set the search location and filters (on top or next to the map)
  • Show results in one or two columns
  • Set the custom text for the search function to include the special text “no results”
  • Style the search bar and filters
  • 2 layout options to view your filters
  • Collapse
  • Opened
  • Activate instant search or upload results with “Search” button
  • Use a special button to view all results in a list
  • Set the information to display in store results (name, description, address, “get address” link, image, contact info button and details, visit website link and opening hours)
  • Create a list of steps to use the filter radius
  • Highlight the featured stores on the list
  • Design your featured store logo and text
  • Much more styling options, including additional CSS and JS code fields for each part of the Store Finder plugin

How to Free Download:

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