YITH Quick Order Forms for WooCommerce Premium 1.2.14

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YITH Quick Order Forms for WooCommerce Premium

YITH Quick Order Forms for WooCommerce Premium 1.2.14

Download YITH Quick Order Forms for WooCommerce Premium 1.2.14 – For most existing companies, there are two different types of customers: “simple” customers who buy products for themselves and “resellers” who sell products to their customer groups.

While the first type is usually a casual user, the seller is a loyal, stable customer who buys multiple times over time. Purchases from dealers are often very large (tens, hundreds, thousands of units of the same product) and continuous (eg weekly or monthly): In practice, the dealer is a guarantee for the company that chooses to purchase. These are your most important customers.

Here’s the philosophy behind the YITH Quick Order Forms plugin – giving resellers the opportunity to purchase it in the easiest, instant, and most intuitive way possible. Make sure each retailer has access to a product page tailored to their needs, which can show only the products that really interest them or the products they buy most often, for example. Make it even easier to find specific products, let them choose the number of items they want to buy, add products to their order with a single click and let them stay on the same page, thus eliminating unnecessary waiting times for different pages. uploading your e-commerce.

If you have a business that relies on the support of retailers, this could be the turning point of your business, raising your arm in the game where you can play against your opponents: streamline and automate the purchasing process in every part of it. so retailers can purchase large quantities of products on a single page within seconds.

The YITH Quick Order Forms plugin also allows you to have advanced user management: for example, you can create temporary forms for each user role and decide which products or product categories to show, with precise rules, so the shopping experience is equally more personal.


  • Create one or more product forms
  • Select the products you want to include in the form according to the following:
  • Name of the product
  • Product Category
  • product label
  • Add a description at the top of the form.
  • Choose what information to show for each product:
  • Name surname
  • picture
  • SKU
  • price
  • discount
  • Search filter
  • Number of products
  • Values
  • variable price
  • Quantity
  • Add products to cart directly from the form
  • Enable/disable the form for specific users
  • Add form to any page with the shortcode
  • Show “WooCommerce Cart” widget only on pages with forms

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