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YITH Live Chat Premium

YITH Live Chat Premium Recent research has shown that 70% of users use chat to solicit information: they do it to stay calm, get human feedback that only an employee can physically present. And that’s exactly the purpose of YITH Live Chat, instantly and with performance.

True: It is possible to communicate with our customers via email or communication modules, unfortunately customers often ask for information when they are about to buy something and no matter how short their response wait may cause them to lose interest and have doubts about the purchase. And this process means less sales… much less!

Users are comfortable with direct contact and when lost due to the screen they need to be secured in another way.

With YITH Live Chat, users can ask their questions and resolve their doubts instantly, erase all idle times of the call or request for information and the actual purchase of the product. It’s like being in a real store: thanks to the chat, users will directly contact the seller, establish a relationship of trust and persuade them to return, because there will always be someone willing to listen and help for them.

Therefore, YITH Live Chat is the best way to override your users’ indecision and persuade them to buy immediately.

This plugin owes its effectiveness to its simplicity and ease of access: you will have the ability to decide where to show the chat, assign specific roles to operators who can talk to your customers through a simple one. and clean instant messaging system to help them communicate quickly with customers.
Customers will be shown a simple form as soon as they enter their personal data such as e-mail addresses, which will immediately start contacting the operator and directing them to live chat.

What if there is no online operator? Customers will be able to use this form to send offline messages directly to their email addresses, which will make them feel cared for and not abandoned to their own purchases.

YITH Live Chat Premium Features:

  • Chat message customization (chat header, greeting message, start chat message, close chat message, offline message, busy message)
  • The freedom to have all the conversations at the same time
  • Customizing the broker profile
  • Enable chat feature for other WordPress roles
  • Disable chat popup on mobile devices
  • Disable chat popup for unregistered users
  • Users can send offline messages when chat console is unavailable
  • “Chat logs” section to check all recorded conversations
  • Each user can request a transcript of the conversation via e-mail.
  • Each copy of the conversation can be sent to one or more emails configured in the options panel.
  • Evaluation of the user’s chat session (good / bad)
  • Advanced interface customization
  • Chat time timer
  • Disable the chat system when there is no online operator
  • YITH WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Support – Users can send messages to sellers via chat located on the respective seller detail page
  • Show the chat window on every page of your store or only on certain pages
  • Show chat window on homepage, blog, store and product pages
  • Show the chat window in different places on the page.
  • Set macros for your operators so they can reduce response time using preset responses
  • Link the chat popup to a link when it opens

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How to Free Download:

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