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YITH Infinite Scrolling Premium

YITH Infinite Scrolling Premium 1.5.0

Download YITH Infinite Scrolling Premium 1.5.0 – In the age of social networks, we’ve gotten used to browsing through pages and accessing the content of all our people. Similarly, the YITH Infinite Scrolling plugin captures this idea and applies it to your online store.

This is a very simple concept: Most lost sales in your store are due to two main factors: Customers spend very little time browsing your website and are often confused when they find something different than usual.

So speeding up and simplifying your website navigation by using a scrolling system similar to the one you find on social media may be the right move to increase your sales!

Think about it: How many times have you reached page 2 of your Google search? What if search results keep popping up as you scroll down the page? Won’t I keep seeing them?

Most people don’t crawl through different pages of search results and if they go, they often lose track of the items they are interested in or, worse, forget the page they found.

So what better solution than the freedom to enjoy all the content by simply scrolling down the page? This way, you’ll shorten the loading times of subsequent pages, but users will be able to see results at the same time with a kiosk of options ready to be carefully analyzed.

This is why YITH Infinite Scrolling proves necessary: ​​Users will be able to see results directly from a mobile device where finger scrolling is definitely more comfortable than searching for a small number to change the page.

Additionally, the most demanding people can choose their own loading effects, which can add a personalized touch to the entire user experience. And there’s more: If combined with the YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin, YITH Infinite Scrolling can create a true synergy that can deliver all available products and the most important details in the blink of an eye.

In summary, this plugin is an ideal tool at a time when more people browse the web than mobile devices, and it will increase the conversion rate of users buying on such devices and represent a solid investment in ever-increasing growth. . Market.


  • Enable Infinite scrolling for only one episode (store, blog, etc.).
  • Upload a custom installation image.
  • Enable infinite scrolling into as many sections as you want.
  • Manage each section from its own options panel.
  • Choose the pagination type among “infinite scrolling”, load more buttons “and” ajax paging “.
  • For “infinite scrolling” paging, you can choose from a set of preset loader icons or upload your own.
  • For “Load more” button pagination, you can set the button label and add one or more customization classes.
  • Select animation for content upload.
  • The page URL can be automatically updated whenever a new item is uploaded to AJAX. This also allows your users to return to where they left off.

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