YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce 1.2.13

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YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce

YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce 1.2.13

YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce 1.2.13 Subtract the costs from your income and get the profit, your actual profit. This is one of the laws we learn in school and, in the end, we all take it lightly. Then when we decide to start a business, we actually forget about it.

And most of the time, when it’s too late, we start looking for a reason why our business failed. You wonder how your profit margins can be so low when sales are good.
Despite fifty daily orders, he wonders why his business continues to slowly die each day until the company’s accounts inevitably turn red.
The reason is almost always there: somehow it is hidden in the cost multiples that you lost, that you did not take into account, that were not taken into account.

Many companies fail because their owners haven’t really planned an in-depth cost-income analysis. This is the story of Jonathan, who buys clothes abroad to sell in his e-commerce.

The sale price was higher than the purchase price, and that was enough for him to believe that he had a fair profit margin. But Jonathan forgot one thing about his enthusiasm and inexperience. He underestimated shipping costs, forgot about customs fees and the cost of labeling individual garments. His full potential business managed to hold together for only about three months.

The most popular product in e-commerce, a T-shirt that customers could choose to personalize, was the reason his business completely went bankrupt – it might have high sales, but the cost of customization, which was underestimated. From the beginning, they completely canceled the profit margin.

Jonathan’s story is the story of all the entrepreneurs for whom we created the YITH Cost of Goods for WooCommerce plugin.

A simple and powerful monitoring tool that allows you to constantly monitor your ecommerce trend and analyze the relationship between product costs and your net income.
Through our dashboard, you can include, for example, shipping costs, taxes, VAT charges, payment gateways, and a 360-degree overview of your total costs – this will help you determine which of your products has a higher profit margin. Not best sellers!), What kind of profit you will get in the case of promotions or discounts, and what sales prices will cover all costs, especially those that often go unnoticed and can make a difference to the success of your business.


  • Add the cost of the merchandise to all the products in your store
  • Fully compatible with variable products: enter the same quantity or a different cost of goods for each product variant
  • Detailed report of your store sales
  • Easily profit from every product sold
  • Filter the sales report by:
  • story
  • product
  • category
  • hashtag
  • Special fields
  • Detailed report of products in stock
  • Ability to calculate the potential profit from the sale of products in stock.
  • Possibility to include or exclude in sales reports:
  • taxes
  • shipping costs
  • additional costs
  • Export your stock reports to a New CSV file
  • Import the cost of your WooCommerce products Cost Cost New
  • Decide when products will be displayed in cost cost reports: show them only if they are Completed, In Process or Completed, or for all orders New
  • Compatible with Aelia Currency Changer: update product cost for each currency in your store

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