YITH Auctions for WooCommerce Premium 2.0.11

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YITH Auctions for WooCommerce Premium 2.0.11

Download YITH Auctions for WooCommerce Premium 2.0.11 – Do you know what an online auction is? I bet and you have probably already built an empire on this type of sales on eBay, the number one network in this space, and millions of people are accustomed to buying online through their offerings and rush to buy some kind.

Users dealing with auctions act in anticipation of low-priced products and in many cases are motivated to bid, which translates into an instant price increase as soon as it is exceeded. bid.

Auctions are simple: Anyone can bid on a particular item, and if there is no other bid that exceeds the previous one, the item wins. This allows buyers to buy products at the best price and suppliers sometimes make a higher profit than expected.

By using our YITH WooCommerce Auction plugin, you will not only be able to hold auctions for your products, but thanks to the integration of our YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor, you will have the opportunity to create a real portal for online auctions and allow all of your suppliers to create their own auctions and earn a share of each of their sales. gives.

For each auction, you can define a starting price, a reserve price (the minimum price you want to accept for the item), and a selling price that allows users to buy the item immediately without participating in the auction.

Admin Features:

  • Create unlimited auction items for the store:
  • Create standard auctions
  • Create Reverse Auctions New
  • Create closed auctions New
  • Create auctions that include a fee the user has to pay before bidding. New
  • Create auctions with “buy now” option
  • Create auctions with reserved price
  • View all auction products in a separate “auction list” section New
  • Export a csv file of the full “auction listing” New
  • You can add auction status tags in the auction list to current, ended, not started, etc. Check for auctions.
  • Set a starting price for the auction
  • Set the reserve price for the item – no one can win the auction below the specified amount
  • Set the auction start / end date and time
  • Change date and time format for auction items New
  • Add a countdown for each auction item in the new loop
  • Change countdown style on product pages for all auctions New
  • Decide to show / hide various options on the auction product page New
  • Enable automatic bidding when another user bids higher.
  • Allow users to finalize the auction by purchasing the item with the “buy now” option.
  • Hide “buy now” button when a bid exceeds the auction reserve price New
  • Hide the “buy now” button after placing the first bid on a new auction item
  • Override various general options at the new product level
  • Encrypt or view usernames when bidding on the product
  • Activate a popup to ask the user to confirm before placing the offer. New
  • Show different badge for highest bidder and / or winner New
  • Enable displaying a custom message for the winner on the new product page
  • Enable a watch list so users can add the product they are interested in to this list New
  • Show watchlists, current, past and future auctions in the sidebar using widgets
  • Prohibit users from bidding
  • Automatically reschedule an auction when the item has no bid New
  • Automatically reschedule an auction when bids don’t exceed the reserve price New
  • Automatically reschedule an auction when the winner doesn’t pay for the new product
  • Choose to show or hide auction products in your store
  • Hide finished / uninitiated auction items on the shop page
  • Extend an auction’s expiry date by bidding a few minutes before it ends
  • View the full list of auction items on any page of the site using a shortcode
  • Check all offers for a specific product on your product edit page
  • Automatically refresh the auction page and “my auctions” page with Ajax to show new bids in real time
  • Send an automated email to the user if:
  • auction closed
  • won the auction
  • lost the auction
  • he successfully bid
  • your offer exceeded
  • your highest bid did not reach the base price
  • Your offer has been removed
  • he’s not the winner of the auction
  • won the auction but has not paid yet
  • Received

How to Free Download:

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