YITH Amazon S3 Storage for WooCommerce Premium 1.1.20

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YITH Amazon S3 Storage for WooCommerce Premium

YITH Amazon S3 Storage for WooCommerce Premium 1.1.20

YITH Amazon S3 Storage for WooCommerce Premium 1.1.20 When developing our most popular plugins, we are often inspired by the features of successful ecommerce platforms like Amazon. In most cases, before we sell our plugins, we install and use them on our platform to understand their full potential, improve them, and make them even more powerful and effective.

That is why YITH Amazon S3 Storage is not just a plugin, but the exact answer to our goals when we started selling digital products: make your e-commerce more efficient and reduce bandwidth consumption to protect your products once online.

Our experience shows that no matter what type of online business you are running, if you are focused on selling digital products, you never have to deal with the problem of insufficient hosting space and the need to protect your products. that can only be accessed by those who have full rights.

Our plugin allows you to open all your media files (videos, images, PDF files, compressed files, etc.) without having to open Amazon S3 page, publish media, copy URL, manually replace with WordPress URL, so that you can Saving the server load for your website into one makes it a lot lighter with the process.

Once the files are uploaded to Amazon S3, your security will increase exponentially as you can make them “private” so that only verified recipients can access the files, and / or they will only be available for a specified period of time . .

YITH Amazon S3 Storage – The most powerful and versatile tool to manage and protect your files online.


  • Copy all new files from your site’s media gallery to Amazon S3
  • Automatically delete WordPress files when copying files to Amazon S3
  • Changing media links automatically – source is loaded from Amazon S3 server instead of your site
  • Enable Amazon S3 Downloads for Resources Linked to Your Digital Products
  • Set a due date for downloading resources associated with the product
  • Upload Files to Your Amazon S3 Account Using the WordPress Media Gallery

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