WP-Optimize Premium 3.2.1 NULLED – WordPress Optimization Plugin

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WP-Optimize Premium NULLED - Premium WordPress Optimization Plugin

WP-Optimize Premium 3.2.1 NULLED – Premium WordPress Optimization Plugin

WP-Optimize Premium is a revolutionary all-in-one plugin that cleans your database, compresses your large images, and caches your site. This simple, popular and highly effective tool has everything you need to quickly and fully optimize your website!
Help increase SEO, retain customers by reducing user bounces and get more done with fewer server resources.

WP-Optimize Premium Features:

  • Protect data while cleaning
    Stores data for a specific week while cleaning in case you need to retrieve something
  • Simple optimization
    Optimize without the need for manual queries. Just install it and WP-Optimize will do the rest
  • Statistics
    Displays statistics for the database table. Useful if you want to check your numbers more closely
  • Automatic
    Cleans automatically. Don’t worry about forgetting to do the necessary work, we take care of all the work.
  • Enabled for administrators only
    Keep your site safe and secure by setting everything up so that only the administrator can access your site
  • Set notifications
    Batch enable/disable connection methods automatically so you don’t have to keep checking
  • Incredibly simple, it cleans itself automatically:
    Clean automatic post drafts so your database isn’t cluttered with old, useless drafts
  • Comments
    Remove Akismet and other inherited metadata from comments
  • Trash
    Eliminate old post reviews and spam
  • comments and trackbacks
    Avoid clutter with automatic removal of notifications, approvals, and testimonials
  • Unwanted mail
    Nobody likes spam so stay away from spam or trashed comments that are not approved with automatic deletion
  • Temporary options
    Eliminate temporary options that are kept in the database for a certain period of time.
  • Original restore function
    Allows you to undo or revert your original images at any time if necessary
  • gram
    EXIF data storage
    Provides access to the original image data by storing image information even after image compression
  • Automatic compression function
    Save time by changing settings to automatically compress images when added to the site
  • Compress large files function
    Large files can slow down your site. Compress images up to 64MB
  • Batch compression
    Compress all existing images on your site at the same time with the push of a button
  • Lossy or lossless compression options
    Compress your images and choose between maximum space-saving or best image quality
  • Preload the cache
    Ensures cache is always ready and loaded for faster load times
  • Device-specific cache
    Ensures that the optimized version of the page is always available
  • Advanced exclusion rules
    Allows you to cache logged-in users exactly what you need, excluding specific URLs or cookies
  • Browser cache
    Instructs client browsers to reuse resources (HTML, CSS, JS) if no changes have been made since the last request



How To Free Download?

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