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WP Hide PRO 2.9.9 NULLED – WordPress Plugin

WP Hide PRO NULLED – Convenient way to prevent your WordPress from appearing through code. It’s a huge improvement over site security, as hackers’ web crawlers won’t find any traces of WordPress on your site. Over 99.99% of site attacks are attacks that target specific plugins and theme vulnerabilities. Since WordPress plugins and themes are no longer available, hacking does not occur even if the site uses exploitable code.

Provide a clean method to remove any WordPress fingerprints including themes and plugins. It has no negative impact on SEO! Certain aspects of SEO can be improved if used wisely. The plugin not only allows you to change your WordPress default URLs, it also hides/blocks the default values! All other similar plugins only replace slugs, but defaults are still accessible, which is clearly revealed by WordPress.

WP Hide PRO Features:

  • No file and directory changes!
    No files or directories are changed on your server, everything is processed virtually! The plugin algorithm uses WordPress filter and URL rewriting techniques to implement all functions and features.
  • 100% compatible with other plugins and themes
    Well-designed code to ensure full compatibility with all themes and plugins. Once the plugin is enabled, the site will continue to work as before.
  • Compatible with WordPress MultiSite
    PRO FUNCTION: Supports MultiSite environment. Can be configured to work according to site settings (separate settings for each site on the network) or in general (super admin settings)
  • Theme masking
    Theme name, version, author, etc. Hide all references to the theme or child theme to prevent them from displaying. Nobody will know that this is a WordPress theme.
  • Compatible with any host/server
    It has been tested and 100% compatible with different hosting server configurations based on Linux and Windows operating system.
  • Nginx compatible
    PROFESSIONAL FEATURE: Full Nginx support, LEMP stack. An advanced rewrite query engine is included, providing the most efficient and lightweight rewriting data.
  • Custom login URL
    All sites are visited on the home page using brute force bots. This requires high processing power due to the number of attempts and results in a significant reduction in site speed and response time. By blocking the default login URL, boots only hit a cached 404 error page, so no resources are used.
  • HTML cleanup
    Body, post, pictures, etc. For plugins and theme-generated HTML comments clean up automatically generated WordPress core classes such as page-template-x, format-x, wp-image-x.
  • Individual plugin URL customization
    Change the plugin folder path and individual plugins with the option to lock all defaults.
  • Replace WP Ajax calls
    PROFESSIONAL FEATURE: change the default usage of run-ajax.php and lock the default.
  • The firewall
    PRO FUNCTION: maximum protection of a website through a proactive security solution. Add a layer of protection, prevent malware and malware from reaching the server-side.
  • White Label Themes / Plugins
    PROFESSIONAL FEATURE: Replace text and generated entities in code with plugins/themes / white tag code, including complex apps like page builders (Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder).

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