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WP E-Signature NULLED - Digital Signature For WordPress

WP E-Signature makes it easy for you to magically create, collect and edit UETA / ESIGN compliant electronic signatures on contracts you use to run your freelance work such as companies, organizations or teams.

These are the features that make WPESignature the most powerful and easy to use WordPress document signing app on the market.

WP E-Signature Features:

Contract builder
Our easy-to-use contract builder allows you to create beautiful, legally binding contracts from your WordPress website.

Private entrance areas
You can ask signers to easily initialize, fill in text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, dates, and even upload files before signing their contracts.

Save as pdf
WPESign ™ allows you or your signers to easily download or receive an e-mail attachment of signed documents as PDF.

Compatible with UETA / ESIGN
WPESign ™ is compliant with (UETA) and (ESIGN) and adheres to the strictest document signing policies of European and US trade unions.

Responsive and Mobile Compatible
Let people sign contracts in person using your Android tablet or iPad. The Privacy Statement works well for photo posts, disclaimers, and more.

Unlimited documents
Easily sign and store unlimited documents, contracts, offers and offers. Unlimited means exactly that. Unlimited.

Buyers CC / Carbon Copy
Recipients CC (or carbon copy) in a Document without requiring their legal signature. The copy user is granted access when the document is closed.

Two factor control
Protect your company, signers and documents. Let your signers’ password protect your documents with a unique password and access code.

Tamper proof technology
Like human DNA, every document created by WPESign ™ has a tamper proof document ID.

Save a tree. Environmentally friendly
Reduce consumption and your carbon footprint by signing documents with WPESign ™. Save a tree. Make your business green.

WPESignature Premium Features:

Document templates
Easily send similar documents to different people by creating a reusable document template.

URL redirection after signing
Do you like automation? Direct signers to a specific URL after signing your document. A payment form, another document, an ebook, a video course, etc. It can happen.

User registration
Automatically create (or update) a WordPress user account when your signer has successfully signed your document.

Files uploaded by the signer
Require signers to upload a file to a document. You can limit the types of files (pdf, jpg, png, mp3, etc.) a user can upload.

Electronic signature automation
To save time, you can automate repetitive signature requests. Create a separate public / document URL and direct traffic there to sign your disclaimers.

Multiple WordPress sites
WPESignature is compatible with Multisite. WordPress Multisite is a great tool for running multiple wordpress websites from one wordpress installation.

Upload logo and branding
Unleash the power of your brand. You can upload your own logo on the edge page of the document, customize email templates, add a custom cover, and more.

Approval signer
Automate the contract approval process for your business. Configure an approval signer to close a document when a signature is received on a document from the public URL.

Assign the signed order
Assign a signature order for your documents. Signer invitation emails are triggered individually after each priority signer is designed.

Signature reminders
Signature reminders are like having a personal virtual assistant that reminds the signer when they haven’t signed a document sent.

Add private message
Adding a private message gives you (the document sender) the option to add a custom message to the signer’s invitation email.

Assign documents to roles
Create a WordPress customer portal for your contracts and assign documents to a specific user role.

No monthly user fees
Most document signing companies charge $ 10, $ 15, or even $ 50 per month… PER-USER! With a business license, you get unlimited users (and no monthly fees).

Request a Feature
Can’t see what you’re looking for? Let us help you get what you need by requesting a feature!

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