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WP Cloud Deploy NULLED

WP Cloud Deploy 4.12.0 NULLED

WP Cloud Deploy – A powerful WordPress server management console for agencies, White Label Standard • Teams Standard • Fixed yearly or lifetime prices • No fees per user, site or server • Unlimited servers and sites • Multi-cloud • WordPress optimized servers.

WP Cloud Deploy Features:

  • Unlimited servers and sites
    Deploy as many WordPress-optimized servers and sites as you need.
  • Direct links to all major cloud providers
    DigitalOcean • Linode • Vultr • UpCloud • Google Cloud • AWS EC2 • AWS LightSail • Hetzer • Exoscale • Alibaba (limited edition)
  • Supports any cloud provider
    Our “Bring your own server” feature allows you to use any other cloud provider or even use bare metal servers.
  • Equipment standard
    Build unlimited teams across all our pricing plans.
  • Special security standard
    Use WordPress roles and capabilities to block users on servers and sites. Assign individual sites and servers to “owners” with full or partial access rights. Included in all pricing plans.
  • Customize with standard WordPress tools
    Use popular WordPress customization plugins to further customize the look, lock menu items, and more.
  • Apply in your language
    Use standard WordPress translation tools to implement the entire solution in customers’ native language. Learn more
  • Server and site notes
    Create unlimited notes for each server and site. Keep your maintenance history where other administrators can see it. Assign custom tags to alert other managers about critical notes.
  • Play well with others
    Create custom links to CRM, HELPDESK, DOCUMENTS and other resources directly from servers and sites. Use ACF, METABOX and other authoring tools to customize data columns, add new fields, and more.
  • Sell ​​cloud server subscriptions
    Use WooCommerce to build your own store with subscriptions to powerful cloud servers. Add a beacon to each server and even use your own name as a “cloud” provider. Learn more
  • Sell ​​WordPress site subscriptions
    Use WooCommerce to sell WordPress site subscriptions with or without custom site templates. Learn more
  • Scalable and redundant
    Periodically send critical dashboard data to backup servers for fast recovery if needed.
  • WaaS has been deployed
    Build an infinitely scalable and geographically distributed WaaS service! Learn more
  • The only WordPress plugin of its kind
    It is a 100% native WordPress plugin that does not need SaaS service.
  • 100% control
    Fully customize EVERYTHING in open source to meet your agency’s needs.
  • Conveniently expandable and branded
    Extend the plugin using your existing WordPress knowledge. Bookmark any feature in ways you can only imagine in a standard SaaS service.
  • Advanced backups with multiple destinations
    Advanced backup scripts send your backups to multiple remote locations. Learn more



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