WoWonder Timeline 4.0 – Mobile Native Timeline Apps for WoWonder PHP Script

You are currently viewing WoWonder Timeline 4.0 – Mobile Native Timeline Apps for WoWonder PHP Script
WoWonder Timeline

WoWonder Timeline is a social timeline app for WoWonder PHP Social Network, WoWonder Timeline users can post and interact with user feeds, like and comment and more, now the app is easier to use and more! funny!

WoWonder Timeline Features:

  • Login Pages – Added ability to login normally and via 6 different social communities.
  • Welcome Page: Added ability for users to choose between sign up and sign in to the welcome page.
  • Registration page: the feature to open a new account has been added.
  • Forget Page – Added ability for users to get their accounts by email address.
  • Registration Steps: The ability of users to upload Avatar and view suggested users has been added there.
  • Walkthrough Pages – Added ability to announce chat application during registration steps.
  • Timeline Page – Added ability to view all types of posts, text, images, videos, maps, emotions, and more.
  • Friends and Monitoring System: The APP supports friend system like Facebook, monitoring system like Twitter.
  • Local Injection: Added ability to see users’ likes and wonders and delete and interact with the post locally.
  • Add Post Page – Added ability for users to add a new post as text, image or video or events and emotions.
  • Post Privacy – Added ability to control post privacy.
  • Friends Page – Added the ability to view all users’ friends on a single page.
  • User Profile Page – Added ability for users to open user profile and timelines and retrieve information and feeds.
  • Community Page – Added ability for users to view pages they like and groups they joined on one page.
  • Search Page – The ability to search users, pages and groups has been added with the ability to add, like or participate while searching.
  • Search Filter Page – Added ability to filter search results via Avatar or Status or Genre and more.
  • Profile picture: dynamic profile picture for users.
  • My Pictures page – displays all photos posted with user comments and likes.
  • Marketplace – Added ability for users to receive latest products and communicate with owners.
  • Add Product Page – Added ability for the user to add their own product insert with images, information and price.
  • #Hashtags – Shows trends and related topics shared by users.
  • @Mentions: Use @username to tag people in a status or messages.
  • Saved Posts: User can save posts for later viewing.
  • Delete and edit posts: user can delete and edit their own posts.
  • Saving messages: user can save messages for later viewing.
  • Liked Pages – Added ability for users to like pages and get page feeds and action buttons.
  • Groups – Added ability for users to join groups and receive group feeds and information.
  • Message system: added ability for users to send chat and messages integrated with WoWonder Messenger v1.5.
  • Professional Member Profiles – Added ability for users to view professional member types in each user profile.
  • Notifications page: likes, shares, comments, etc. The ability to show all notifications with events has been added.
  • Push Notifications – Added ability for users to receive notifications about user activity and more.
  • Friend Requests – The ability to accept or cancel friend requests has been added.
  • Trending hashtags: Users can see the latest trending hashtags on the left slider.
  • Award-Winning Pages: Users can see the most recently promoted pages on the left slider.
  • Pro Members – Users can view the promoted members on the left slider.
  • Professional Upgrade Page – Added ability for user to upgrade their account to Expert Member.
  • Settings page Added ability to control user’s privacy and settings.
  • Account Page – Added ability for users to check account password, username and email.
  • Help Page – Additional ability for users to view and read our help or right.
  • Blocked Users :  Added ability to block or block users’ d profiles

How to Free Download:

Note: You can download by clicking the below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “Variation”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.


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