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WordPress Automatic Plugin NULLED - WordPress Content Grabber

WordPress Automatic Plugin 3.54.0 NULLED – WordPress Content Grabber

WordPress Automatic Plugin NULLED is automatically pushed to WordPress from almost any website. You can import from popular sites like Youtube and Twitter using their APIs, or from almost any website you choose using scrape modules. Publish automatic content from feeds. The plugin can regularly check your specific feeds and publish each new feed item as a new post. Get all the content from the feeds. WordPress can automatically convert truncated feeds into full-content posts with great success.

WordPress Automatic Plugin Features:

  • Delete parts of the original streaming posts. WordPress auto can extract the two specified parts from the original post with CSS ID/class, XPath or REGEX, and combine them to publish to your WordPress.
  • Find and replace. The plugin can search the extracted content for any text/field and replace it with the specified text.
  • Original weather posts. Automatic WordPress can set the post created in WordPress to the time the post was created in the feed.
  • Delete categories. The plugin can set the created post categories to the same categories as the original posts.
  • Remove the original stickers. WordPress auto can extract tags from the original post using the CSS ID/class and set them as tags on the generated post.
  • Delete original author. WordPress auto can remove the author name from the original post and assign it as the author if it is available, as in the post created, or create it if it is not.
  • Skip posts without content. The plugin can check extracted content and skip posts if there is no content.
  • Skip posts that are not in English. WordPress automatic has the option to set the post status to pending if you suspect it is not written in English.
  • Skip images without images. The plugin has the option to check the extracted content and skip it if it does not contain images.
  • Submit the oldest items first. WordPress auto has the option to publish old items first. By default, it will publish the newest items first.
  • Decode HTML assets. Automatic WordPress has the option to decode the HTML assets of the extracted content/header.
  • Convert encoding before publishing. The plugin has the option to convert the encoding of the extracted content from any custom encoding to utf-8 to make it compatible with WordPress.
  • Skip the duplicate title. The plugin can verify that there are no previously published posts with the same title.
  • Facebook Featured Image og – Image Tag. The plugin can extract the image used for Facebook as a thumbnail to set it as a featured image.
  • Submit Clickbank products to WordPress automatically. The WordPress auto plugin can search clickbank.net for products that match your specified keywords, post to your blog, and automatically add your affiliate links.
  • Automatically post youtube videos to WordPress. WordPress auto can search for videos matching your keywords on youtube.com and post them to your WordPress blog.
  • Support for certain channels. You can send messages from any youtube channel by keyword or without filtering.
  • Some playlist support. WordPress can automatically post from any specific playlist.
  • Full video annotation support. WordPress auto can get the full description from youtube for the posted video.
  • Post Youtube tags as tags. WordPress auto can get the tags from the video and set these tags as WordPress tags.
  • Submit Youtube comments as comments. The plugin can get video comments and post them as WordPress comments.
  • Interest in a particular language and country. The relevance of the videos can be set in a specific language and also in a specific country.
  • Automatic video playback. The streaming videos can be played automatically.
  • Various filters. Multiple filters such as order, category, license, type, duration, and description.
  • Turn off suggestions. WordPress auto can disable video suggestions at the end of the video.
  • Skip videos that are not embedded. WordPress auto can skip videos that cannot be embedded.
  • Date verification. WordPress auto can skip videos older than a certain date, post videos with the original date, or post older items first.
  • Send Vimeo videos to WordPress automatically.



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