WoowBot 12.4.0 – ChatBot for WooCommerce

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WoowBot is a WooCommerce Shopping ChatBot WordPress Plug and Play plugin that can help you noticeably increase your store sales. Shoppers can fluently chat with ChatBot, search and add to cart directly from the chat interface, and receive support, thanks to Google’s integration with natural language processing (AI and NLP) via Dialogflow.

You can run this ChatBot in any language easily and quickly. If you want to provide a live chat channel for support in addition to the chat bot, Facebook Messenger Live Chat is built-in. Call Me and Customer Feedback modules are also available. You can also schedule ChatBot to run outside of your normal business hours only when you are not available for live chat with another service.

WoowBot is the next-generation speech commerce for the WooCommerce platform. For basic use, this standalone chatbot does not require any other third-party services and is ready to serve your buyers with minimal setup and configuration. However, you can integrate the bot with Dialog Flow for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and NLP. It can also be integrated with Facebook Messenger, which offers faster button options like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, phone call, and web connectivity, as well as the option to include a true live chat feature!

WoowBot Features:

  • Fast and advanced search with database indexing
  • Google Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence Engine with DialogFlow V2
  • Natural Language Processing via Google Dialog Flow
  • Automatically supports custom responses and goals you create in the dialogue flow
  • Automatically supports follow-up goals and step-by-step question answers through Dialogflow custom intents
  • Automatically supports Rich Message Reply and Card Replies from Dialogflow as FaceBook messaging app
  • DialogFlow automatically supports images (jpgs, animated gifs) from Objective Responses and Youtube videos
  • Automatically supports images (jpgs, animated gifs) and Youtube videos from ChatBot language setting responses
  • Just paste any picture (jpg or gif) or full link from youtube video
  • Easily and quickly add images from your WordPress media library or animated gif images from Giphy, from ChatBot’s language center with floating image options
  • Category name, tags, quote, SKU etc. Advanced search for additional WooCommerce product areas such as.
  • Show or hide cart item number
  • Adjust the position of the WoowBot icon
  • Product display order and sorting options
  • Option to show only main categories with or without a list of subcategories.
  • Option to show order status with or without signing in
  • Option to choose which pages WoowBot should load
  • Install custom ChatBot icon
  • Upload Special Agent Icon
  • Choose from 5 design templates for the ChatBot interface
  • Unique mini mod template
  • Option to disable WooWBot on mobile devices
  • Option to exclude out of stock products from search results
  • Option to enable / disable searching products, featured products, products on sale, initial order status buttons
  • Show or hide the opening notifications
  • Option to enable / disable email address request after name request
  • Upload your own chatbot background image
  • Customize the text and button colors
  • Upload custom icons to the bottom area
  • Create a FAQ area with multiple questions and answers (html supported)
  • Add video to Support area by just pasting Youtube link
  • Add multiple store notifications to display above the ChatBot icon
  • View recently viewed products for easy reference by the buyer
  • Show featured products until buyer view products
  • Quick view of the basket
  • Quick access to support
  • Quick help for commands that can be used in chat
  • Customizable admin chat commands
  • The Stop Words glossary is included and editable by the administrator. The bot will automatically remove words to be blocked from search criteria and chat commands.
  • Advanced Language Center to edit and change all WoowBot responses, system languages, words to block and info messages.
  • Add multiple ChatBot response variations per node. They will be used randomly and give the appearance of a more human reaction.
  • Much more…

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How to Free Download:

Note: You can download by clicking the below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “WoowBot”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issue, please contact us.



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