WOOF 2.2.6 – WooCommerce Products Filter

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WOOF - WooCommerce Products Filter

WOOF 2.2.6 – WooCommerce Products Filter

WOOF is a powerful, flexible, easy, and robust WooCommerce product filter plugin that extends the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin to allow your site visitors to search for products by categories, product attributes, tags, product classifications, and price.

This e-commerce plugin has many extensions: STATISTICS module to search taxonomies within, color, image, meta filter, search by text, search by SKU, taxonomy range slider, hierarchy dropdown, tags, on-sale checkbox, checkbox in stock, etc..

If you are a WP + PHP developer and want to create something unusual for your project, you can create almost any extension for the search form and even a custom woo products loop template for them, using the WOOF extension API and default extensions as an example. purposes. Maximum flexibility!


✔ Representation
WOOF can be used as a shortcode as a widget. The custom shortcode [woof] allows you to add product filters anywhere on your site. It is possible to display product and property classifications in the search form as radio, checkbox, drop-down menu, multiple drop-down menus, option buttons in the drop-down menu, color, image, label, hierarchy drop-down menu, a slider of property/sort range, checkbox buttons in the drop-down menu

✔ Product short code
The products shortcode [woof_products per_page = 8 columns = 3 is_ajax = 1 taxonomy = product_cat: 9] allows you to view and filter specific products on a single page or as part of the content of a post and of course the products can be filtered in redirect or ajax mode. By using the custom_tpl shortcode attribute, it is even possible to use custom templates that provide extensive flexibility in different projects.

✔ Product search with AJAX
Allows (optionally) to filter woocommerce products without reloading the page. It works for 95% of WordPress themes and should be tested before publishing to the production site as it depends on the functionality of the existing wp theme and the HTML code embedded there.

✔ Dynamic products are reported
This powerful feature allows showing in the search form how many related variants will be found if the selected HTML element in the filter search form is clicked.

✔ Filter Woocommerce products by metadata
Allows use of custom functions on the plugin settings page, adds meta field data to search flow (text and number type)

✔ Search products by SKU
WOOF allows you to filter your store’s product site by SKU as part of a large search form, such as a custom shortcode [woof_sku_filter]

✔ Search products by price
It can be seen as a range slider as a drop-down menu with range selection

✔ Text search of WooCommerce products
By title, content, citation, and combinations thereof. It is possible to use a special shortcode [woof_text_filter] that you can add wherever you want.

✔ Product filter step by step
This technology allows you to create product wizards for your store customers, where they can select step-by-step the products they want to buy.

✔ Statistics
You can always analyze your search data and understand what interests your customers the most, and of course, that data will help you grow your business.

✔ Speed ​​dial
Created specifically for WOOF, this technology allows instant searches regardless of product quantity, without AJAX or page reloading.

✔ Messenger Products
It allows your registered customers to subscribe to product filter combinations and always know if the exact products they want to buy appear in your store. This type of tool can increase the transformation of the workshop. Use as a widget as shortcode [woof_products_messenger]

✔ Save search queries
This extension allows your customers to save their search combinations and access them with one click in the future, making your customers more informative and engaging about the products in your store.



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