WooCommerce Wallet 2.9 – Own WooCommerce Wallet

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WooCommerce Wallet Own WooCommerce Wallet

WooCommerce Wallet 2.9 – Own WooCommerce Wallet

WooCommerce Wallet 2.9 is a WordPress plugin that allows your customers to pay / pay from their Wallet using the money they have already deposited into their accounts.

This is a WooCommerce Wallet and Refund system that allows users / customers to pay with the money they have deposited into their account and the administrator to return the amount directly to the user’s wallet.

By default, the wallet panel only shows customers with at least one pass using the wallet, you can change this from the settings page and let the panel list all customers.

Admin can add funds, withdraw funds or block a customer’s wallet; A locked wallet cannot be used to pay.

A refund amount can be set for any product or variant, this can be an exact value or a percentage based on the product’s price.

If you enable refunds, users can send refund requests and the administrator can approve or reject them.
The percentage to be refunded can be configured on the plugin configuration page.

All transactions are logged, the administrator can view all transactions and filter by user.
Users can view their transaction history on their WooCommerce account page

How To Free Download?

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