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WooCommerce Upload Files

WooCommerce Upload Files 60.4 Nulled – WP Plugin

WooCommerce Upload Files 60.4 Upload any file of any size from the product, cart, checkout, thank you, and / or order details pages. Preview images, add additional costs, fees, and more.

The customer will be able to upload one or more files from the product page, order details page and / or during the checkout process, depending on the products purchased … all done using visual progress bars! All fees will be limited to the order and specific items upon request.


It’s so simple! To configure a new upload area, go to the File Upload Configurator menu and add a new upload area.
Once created, the administrator only needs to configure which page the field will display (Product, Shopping Cart, Checkout, Order details) and “visibility” according to filter criteria (enabled / disabled for specific products, categories or each). matter).
This will create a loading area for each matching product displayed on the selected pages (and optionally, in the case of the product page, also for each variant according to some restrictions).

In addition, it is possible to specify some other options for deeper customization, such as:

  • Field title
  • HTML / CSS Explanation
  • HTML / CSS text is displayed after upload is complete (it is also possible to use some custom shortcodes to view the file list with an image / sound preview)
  • maximum file size that can be uploaded
  • maximum and minimum width, height and DPI of images (only works if uploaded files are jpg / png. DPI data is read from the EXIF ​​image. If you do not have valid EXIF ​​data, upload is not allowed)
  • Allowed file types
  • Email Notifications
  • Enable upload of multiple files per domain
  • …and more!


The plug-in has been designed and tested for the desktop version of Chrome, Firefox and Edge only. There is no official support for mobile browsers. Fully HTML5 compliant browsers are required for the plugin to work properly otherwise it may not work as expected and cause unexpected behavior.

For mobile browsers, make sure you are using a fully HTML5 compatible browser (such as Chrome) and the latest version of the operating system. In case of any problems (eg: due to the use of an older version of the browser, operating system, or due to poor hardware resources or any other interference, there is nothing that can be implemented). to fix these third party issues. Make sure the files are properly stored locally, if you are using a third-party driver to pass a reference to a remote file, this prevents the browser from correctly providing the file information required by the plug-in to perform the installation.

The plugin requires the browser to work fully. In case some browsers are suffering from a certain issue (such as a mobile browser that cannot select multiple files due to a bug that is preventing its native driver from working properly in a particular version), please notify your developer or switch to a fully working one that is preventing the add-on from working properly. I cannot be held responsible for third party software issues.

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