WooCommerce One Page Checkout 1.7.11 – WordPress Plugin

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WooCommerce One Page Checkout

WooCommerce One Page Checkout 1.7.11 – WordPress Plugin

Download WooCommerce One Page Checkout 1.7.11 makes it possible to turn any page into a checkout page. It also makes it easy for your customers to shop on these special payment pages by displaying both product selection and payment forms on a single page.

Customers can add or remove items to their cart and complete the checkout without leaving the page and waiting for a new page to load.

Payment fields can also be viewed on a single product page, or you can add the domain to custom landing pages for unique promotions. It’s easy to create a one-page checkout, and once you’ve done it, it’s even easier for your customers to purchase products on that page.


  • Product selection + payment
    Single Page Checkout shows product selection and payment forms on one page. Customers can add (or delete) products to order and complete the checkout without leaving the page.
  • Custom landing pages
    Create unique landing pages for special events, promotions or specific customers. Add the shortcode to any page (or post) and add your content above the shortcode to view a unique sales copy before checkout.
  • Product type support
    One Page Buy integrates with more than a dozen extensions so you can sell subscriptions, reservations, packages and many other unique product types.
  • Simple setup without code
    Payment pages can be created using the graphical interface added to the classic WordPress editor. Each Product page can also be converted into a checkout page by clicking a single checkbox.
  • Selected products
    You choose the products to be displayed on each payment page. Create a full catalog of your store if you only have a page for the featured product, some related products for a promotion, or only some products in your store.
  • Integrated and custom templates
    It includes many built-in templates, including a Single Page Checkout, a simple pricing table and a list of products. Choose the template that best fits your page, or create a custom template if the built-in templates don’t meet your needs.

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