WooCommerce Lucky Wheel 1.0.9 – Spin to Win

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WooCommerce Lucky Wheel

WooCommerce Lucky Wheel 1.0.9 – Spin to Win

WooCommerce Lucky Wheel offers the best way to collect emails from customers visiting your store. The plugin offers your customers the chance to enter their email and win a discount coupon by spinning the wheel with the WooCommerce Lucky Wheel.

WooCommerce Lucky Wheel Features

  • Allow customers to subscribe to emails to receive discount coupons.
  • Automatically generate unique coupons every time a customer wins the wheel.
  • Send the coupon code to the email address required to spin the wheel.
  • Sync customer emails with your MailChimp account.
  • Wheel piece: can be up to 20 pieces, free to add/remove wheel pieces.
  • Return times: limit the return time for each email address
  • Delay between each return of an email: choose the delay time between each return of an email
  • Wheel popup: displays a small popup in the site interface. Click on the popup to open the Lucky Wheel windows.
  • Popup location: choose where the wheel popup will appear on the front; There are 6 positions to choose Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Center Left, Center Right.
  • Purpose: Select this option to allow customers to open the wheel by clicking the wheel popup or to allow the wheel to appear automatically.
  • Hide popup: hides wheel popup in frontend, this option should only be enabled when you select auto-display in Intent option.
  • First presentation time: Choose an initial presentation time when the popup is hidden.
  • Hide popup after successful spins: Choose a delay time for the popup to reappear after successful spins.
  • Assign Pages: Select this option to display the popup only on the homepage, blog, or store.
  • Conditional Tags – Using WordPress conditional tags to configure which pages the wheel popup will appear on.

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How to Free Download:

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