WooCommerce Force Sells 1.1.28

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WooCommerce Force Sells

WooCommerce Force Sells 1.1.28

Download WooCommerce Force Sells 1.1.28 allows you to link products together to be added to the basket. This is useful for linking a required service or product to another.

For example, if you sell iPad glass repair as a service, you can connect a new glass window as a must-sell item.

There are two types of forced sales:

Normal forced sale products will be added to the basket with the same amount of main product as the quantity selected for the main product. The forced sale products added can be removed and the customer can change the amount in the basket.

Timed push selling products work the same way as normal push selling. The only difference is that customers cannot remove an equalized push sale from their shopping cart or change the amount. In case the main product is deleted, synchronized mandatory sale products will also be deleted. The same goes for the quantity. If the quantity of the main product is changed, the quantity of all synchronized force selling products will also change.

How to Free Download:

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