WooCommerce Food 2.8.2 – Restaurant Menu & Food ordering

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WooCommerce Food - Restaurant Menu & Food ordering

WooCommerce Food 2.8.2 – Restaurant Menu & Food ordering

WooCommerce Food is a must-have plugin. Designed for hassle-free and hassle-free ordering of menu items, WooCommerce Food is the simplest way for your business to display food and for your customers to order. With the smart WooCommerce plugin, you can use multiple payment gateways and manage everything from displaying your menu to taking orders and processing them in one convenient place. For your customers, this means an easy way to order and the best user experience, allowing them to come back again and again.

List of Features:

  • Support for 10+ Food Style
  • Online food ordering and management through the professional WooCommerce system
  • Support Food with additional options: select box, radio button, check box, text field, text, quantity
  • Required support sets the minimum option for the checkbox field
  • Support settings, a maximum option that the user can select for the checkbox field
  • Support for creating options based on variation (create different options for each of the variations)
  • Fast food support
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • View menu via shortcode anywhere.
  • Support with many columns (2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Show food menu with grid, list, grid, carousel (sliding view)
  • Manager Food easily creates and manages the order
  • Order method: delivery or pick up or go to dinner
  • Post radius: limit the send radius with the Google Maps API
  • Freight delivery rate, delivery rate per km
  • Minimum order required for free shipping
  • Email support to manager and customer after order.
  • Food selection support by location, different foods for each store location
  • Supports opening and closing time by location
  • Support shipping fee for each location
  • Minimum order quantity required for each store location
  • Support print order invoice
  • Support kit Different email recipients for each location
  • Ajax plus loading, paging, food popup
  • Support to set the minimum quantity, the minimum quantity according to km
  • Examine the food system
  • Automatic print order support with Star CloudPRNT (only works with star printer)
  • Support delivery date and time field in order
  • Delivery of the support kit at different times for each day of the week
  • Support set Different date times for ordering methods (delivery, takeaway, food, and beverage)
  • Supports maximum deliveries of orders per time interval successively
  • Support order Disable X minutes or X days before (user must order food before X minutes or X days)
  • Unlimited color. You can adjust the color for each or every meal.
  • Support filter category: allows you to create a menu category, display all menu items or display by category
  • Address auto-completion with Google Maps API, support for country-specific auto-completion
  • Support private label color or icon as spicy…
  • Support settings Open and close time for each day of the week
  • Support screen Opening and closing time information in the pop-up window
  • Multiple payment mode support
  • Supports Paypal, Stripe, and many payment gateways with the plugin
  • The admin filters the order by status, location, order method, and delivery time.
  • User page with previous registration / login / reservation
  • Promotional code
  • RTL mode support
  • Special knowledge about food
  • Image gallery
  • Unlimited customization by font, color
  • Visual Composer support
  • Easy setup dinner
  • And more

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