Plugin WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping 1.0.18

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Plugin WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping

Plugin WooCommerce Distance Rate Shipping extensions make it easy to suggest shipping rates to your customer based on distance or total travel time.

Rules can be set to pay for additional charges based on distance, total travel time and total value of the basket, the total weight of items in the basket, and the number of items in the shopping cart.

For example, if you are a company contracting for draft beer supply facilities and equipment but want to charge different shipping rates depending on whether the customer is away from you and how many keg contracts, then the fee shipping extension WooCommerce is remote for you.

Or, if you use a service that produces home-cooked meals but want to charge more for delivery depending on how long the customer lives with you, WooCommerce’s remote delivery extension is ideal.

Usage scenarios are endless and can cover almost all shipping payment scenarios depending on total distance or travel time.

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