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WooCommerce Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher is a WooCommerce multi-currency plugin that allows your site visitors to change product price currencies in real-time according to set currency rates and pay in the selected currency (optionally). Allow adding any currency for the WooCommerce store! The ideal solution to make your WooCommerce store site serious in multiple currencies!

WooCommerce Currency Switcher Features:

  • Representation
    Currency Changer is available as a widget and works in any field with widgets, shortcode is also available for greater flexibility [woocs]. You can add shortcodes [woocs] anywhere on your site, even in the top menu.
  • The plugin also has a currency converter ajax shortcode/widget and a currency converter shortcode/widget with a currency converter.
  • Design
    Graphically, the WooCommerce Currency Changer can be displayed in 3 different ways: drop-down menu, flags, side toggle. It is possible to put a flag for each currency.
  • Payment
    Customers can pay in their chosen (preferred) currency. This feature is named “Multiple Permissions” and must be enabled in the plugin settings.
  • Fees
    7 currency collectors for an automatic rate change. Also, the manager can manually adjust the rates if needed! Optionally, the manager can be notified by e-mail of changes in exchange rates.
  • Automatic fare update
    Update exchange rates every hour, twice a day, every day, every week, every month, every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, every 45 minutes. Or you can disable it and manually set your own exchange rates!
  • Price
    Adjust the price format to suit your needs: decimal number, regular money sign or special sign, money sign position (4 variables). You can optionally show or hide the penny for each coin. You can set your own decimal number after comma for each currency, so BTC is not the problem for this plugin.
  • Special currency signs
    Create and use your own money symbols as you need them. It is even possible to use non-real currency!
  • Special pricing formats
    Each coin can have its own format in which the price and currency mark can be set to the desired side.
  • Statistics
    Collect currency exchange statistics for commercial purposes. No specific customer data is collected, just currency, country, and time of change. There are also statistics for currency orders.
  • Currency visibility
    Possibility to configure currencies as Public or Private. In incognito mode, the currency is not published in keys and the user cannot set it by connecting via “? Currency = XXX”.
  • Light video to understand the basics
    Note: The plugin layout for today is different from the video (improved), see screenshots below!
  • Payment rules
    Rules for hiding / unhiding payment gateways on the checkout page by current currency
  • Welcome token
    It allows you to set any price currency you want for your site visitors on your first visit. Therefore, if your store’s currency is INR and you want your customers to see prices converted to USD on their first visit, you should only set “Welcome Currency” in the WOOCS options.
  • Individual pricing based on user role
    It offers the possibility to set different prices for each user role in each currency. Very powerful feature for your store customers with the loyalty program
  • Separate GeoIP rules for each product
    The super feature that allows different countries to show different prices in different currencies! This functionality allows you to price WooCommerce according to the functionality of the country.
  • Separate fixed price rules for each product
    The feature that allows each product to set a fixed price for each currency, in this case, the product conversion will not be applied according to the rate, watch the video
  • GEO IP rules for determining visitors’ local currency
    This feature is more specific and allows you to set the price currency in local currencies for site visitors when they first visit the store. The currency changes automatically based on the visitor’s IP, and even more, if you enable the “Pay by GeoIP rules” option, your customers will always buy products in their local currency.
  • The fixed minimum amount for FREE shipping per currency
    Allows you to set the minimum amount for FREE shipping as a fixed value for each currency
  • Fixed minimum shipping amount for each currency
    It allows you to set the minimum shipping amount to a fixed value for each currency.
  • Much More…



How to Free Download:

Note: You can download by clicking the below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “WooCommerce Currency Switcher”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issues, please contact us.

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