WooCommerce Appointments 4.11.3 – WordPress Scheduling And Booking Plugin

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WooCommerce Appointments WordPress scheduling and booking plugin

WooCommerce Appointments 4.11.3 – WordPress Scheduling And Booking Plugin

WooCommerce Appointments 4.11.3 Do you want to manage appointments and reservations on your WordPress site? WooCommerce Appointments is an excellent plugin for managing appointments on your own website. Fully integrated with WooCommerce, WordPress and Google Calendar. This is the best meeting scheduling software you can get right now. Request payment or accept appointments for free. This WooCommerce extension allows you to get paid for appointments effortlessly.


Built on WooCommerce
It is a WordPress appointment booking plugin built on WooCommerce, so you can use all WooCommerce features and extensions without compromising the integrity of your store. It can accept all WooCommerce compatible payment gateways.

Quick setting
The plugin is very simple to use and install. It works fast and requires no programming skills or training for staff.

Additional form fields New!
Additional fields (such as checkboxes, options, entries, swatches, and downloads) are included in the appointments. Each additional field can add an additional cost and time. If you wish, you can reduce the appointment fee and duration with each field.

Two-way Google Calendar synchronization
Synchronization works both ways. Events on your Google calendar will automatically sync with your site and vice versa. Staff can also sync appointments only with their Google calendar in two ways.

Personnel management and login
Assign multiple staff members to appointments, manage each employee’s calendar, and let them log in and adjust their availability as they wish.

Flexible usability rules
Set a custom event and set holiday breaks for each calendar date, day or time. Set priority for each availability rule and override global availability for product and staff.

Flexible capacity rules
Increase or decrease the places available for a given area. Accept more customers whenever possible, or reduce available capacity when you are too busy.

Flexible pricing rules
Set custom pricing rules for any date, day, time, or combination of both. Also, set different prices for each staff member or the allocated amount.

Time zone conversion New!
Available time zones are automatically converted to vistior time zones. The time zone can also be changed manually. Customer appointments will be seen in the selected time zone (in emails, orders, on account, …), while staff will always see the appointments in the time zone of the site.

Dating plugin is fully integrated with WordPress REST API and WooCommerce. This allows all appointment data to be read by requests in JSON format. It uses the WooCommerce REST API authentication method and standard HTTP verbs that most HTTP clients understand.

Multi-day planning
Schedule appointments for multiple days. Offer a longer duration with add-on fields. Likewise, you can extend the time in hours or minutes.

Fee for service provision
You can apply special shipping and delivery costs based on your customer’s location. Use default WooCommerce shipping zones that automate the calculation of service delivery cost.

Timing window, delivery time
Determine how long in advance customers can schedule appointments. The programming window prevents planning too ahead.

Fill / Buffer Time
Indicate how many days, hours, or minutes you need to fill (extra time) between appointments. Useful if you need more time to prepare for the next session.

Confirm / Cancel / Reschedule New!
Let your customers cancel or reschedule their appointments without your help. You can also request staff approval before the customer approves and pays appointments.

Add as shortcode
Add your appointment forms wherever you want (blocks, widgets, pages, posts, …) with a simple WordPress shortcode.

Multilingual / Multi-Currency
Use the WooCommerce Appointments plugin with popular multilingual plugins like Loco, MultilingualPress, WPML, qTranslate or Polylang.

Developer friendly
Code developed according to WordPress and WooCommerce standards. Clean, commented, with hooks for developers to easily customize.

White label
Customize the plugin for your brand by changing the main calendar color in the customizer. Our brand is not defined anywhere in the manager or front.

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