WHMpress 5.7 NULLED – WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin

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WHMpress 5.7 NULLED – WHMCS WordPress Integration Plugin

WHMpress allows you to seamlessly enter your WHMCS Products, Domains, and Prices into WordPress and display them in a variety of ways, including package comparison charts, price lists, and order buttons. Customers will be taken to your WHMCS to complete their purchases. If you want to keep your customers on your WordPress site, you should also purchase our “Customer Area Plugin” offered separately.

WHMpress was designed for web servers with flexibility in mind. Highly customizable (so it can match) with your existing website design. It will be chosen to switch between WordPress and WHMCS to accommodate price and package changes. Choose WHMpress for your peace of mind.

WHMpress takes your hosting plan names, prices, order links, and domain listings from WHMCS and displays them in fancy price tables, order combinations, order buttons, and domain price tables. It provides you with shortcodes to add these components wherever you want on your WordPress web hosting site.

WHMpress Sync pulls data from your WHMCS database to your WordPress database, so any changes you make to WHMCS can be quickly applied to your WordPress site with simple sync without the need to enter any data. twice.

WHMpress Features

  • Multi-currency
    WHMpress offers multi-currency pricing, allows your end-user to select a currency from the WP site while browsing the website. (not when ordering)
  • Shortcode templates (skins)
    WHMpress allows you to change the appearance of all shortcode quotes. This is very useful when you plan to pair complex pricing tables with your existing WP themes. Over 10 pricing table templates/layouts included + Plus many more matching celebrity themes. you can add as many as you want
  • cache
    WHMpress caches your prices, domain listings and everything else needed in WordPress so you don’t have to search WHMCS every time and gives you maximum performance.
  • Automatically calculated discounts
    WHMpress isn’t just for copying WHMCS pricing. Your WP WHMCS integration goes one step further by calculating the discounts you offer on multi-year prices and displaying them directly in price tables and order links. Showing visitors how much they will save is a proven way to increase sales
  • Matching price tables (and other components) for famous hosting themes
    WHMpress offers matching components for the most used themes. What does that mean? When you put a price table in Avada, WHMpress will fetch the prices from WHMCS and display them as a price table that matches Avada. No need to mess around with CSS to match the pricing table and other components to your theme. If you need custom pricing tables we will design them for you for as low as $10, click here to order
  • Extremely flexible Ajax field search
    Ajax domain searches with many options to play on your WP. Search and homepage, but they show results on your domain page.
  • Multilingual package name and details
    Override package/service name/details by language.

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How to Free Download:

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