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Webcraftic Clearfy Business NULLED - optimization plugin for Wordpress

Webcraftic Clearfy Business Nulled is a versatile and highly customizable WordPress tool that can significantly improve your site in many ways when combined with other optimization plugins.

Info: https://ru.clearfy.pro/ OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE’S SEO AND SPEED IN 5 MINUTES – Clean your site’s code from the trash; – Eliminate WordPress vulnerabilities; – Speed ​​up indexing in search engines; – Fix bugs of other plugins; – Make your WordPress easier, more useful and faster.

Webcraftic Clearfy Business Features:

Disable RSS Feeds: If you use WordPress to create a website and you don’t need a blog, disable RSS.
Disable Rest API – Disable Rest API and remove Rest API links from code if you are not managing WordPress externally.
Turn off emojis – Emojis generate unnecessary code and slow down the site even if you haven’t set a single emoji.
Uninstall JQuery Migrate – If you use several popular plugins that are updated regularly, you can safely remove them.
Disable Embeds: Disable if you are not embedding videos in posts or pages.
Remove DNS-prefetch – In some cases, it can speed up image loading.
Unlink RSD: If you are creating posts and pages in WordPress, you don’t need the Real Simple Discovery feature.
If you are publishing articles and posts through the WordPress interface, it is unnecessary to remove we manifest link on 99% of the sites.
Eliminate short links – If you use persistent links, you don’t need short links.
Remove Next Links, Previous Entry – Remove them if you are not using blogs.
Remove. Recent comments styles – If you want to change the styles of the “Related Posts” widget, remove them.
HTML compression: compress the code and speed up the loading of the site.
WordPress Cleanup – Removes invalid and malicious characters from URLs and filenames.

Automatically set alt attribute: Set the alt attribute for the post and all images on the page if it doesn’t have an alt attribute
Create the Right Robots.txt File for WordPress – Helps you create the perfect Robots.txt file to improve the indexing of what you want and cover the redundancy.
Automatically add last modified title – Helps search engines understand which posts and pages have been edited most recently and read them first.
Return Header If-Modified-Since: Improves indexing by notifying search engines that pages and posts have changed.
Remove Duplicate Headers in Breadcrumbs Yoast SEO: Cut the page or publish it from breadcrumbs.
Remove Image – Yoast SEO Plugin XML Sitemap Image Tag – Remove Sitemap Errors in Yandex Webmaster.
Disable JSON-LD links: Prevent Google from creating extended page links in the search snippet.
Disable Yoast SEO Structured Data – Disable company structured data generated by Yoast SEO.
Remove Yoast SEO Comments from Parent – Removes data from code that your site is optimized by the Yoast SEO plugin.

Delete date files: Delete date files completely and put a redirect on the home page.
Delete author files: Remove the author’s files completely from the site and redirect them to the homepage. It is useful if the author of the site is one.
Delete the tag files: Delete the tag files and redirect them to the site’s home page.
Delete attached pages: By default, each media file has its own page. Clearfy removes this and redirects you to the page where this media file was added.
Eliminate pagination of records – no pagination required within a record. It is better to delete it and make some entries.
Remove? Replytocom: remove duplicate comments on posts.

Remove meta generator (WordPress version): Hide your WordPress version.
The versioning of style files makes it difficult for an attacker who wants to hack your site.
Conversion of JavaScript files – It is more difficult for a hacker to version installed plugins and hack the site.
Remove Querystrings – Helps plugins to cache JS and CSS faster and speed up website loading.
Remove HTML comments: An attacker cannot determine theme and plugin versions from comments in the code.

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