WavePlayer 3.1.3 – Waveform Audio Player for WordPress

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WavePlayer - Waveform Audio Player for WordPress

WavePlayer 3.1.3 – Waveform Audio Player for WordPress

WavePlayer 3.1.3 is a fully customizable and responsive HTML5 audio plugin for WordPress. Its interface is based on the waveform of the audio file being played.

With WavePlayer, you can host your own tracks by removing the limitations imposed by most of the free cloud music services on the market, but without giving up a cool, modern player that you can customize to best match the look of your music. Your website.

WavePlayer 3.0 comes with 6 responsive skins that allow you to choose the visual appearance that best suits your pages. In addition to the full customization capabilities that make WavePlayer the best selling and highest rated plugin in the entire CodeCanyon WordPress Media category, you can now customize the factory views or create your own skins entirely. And the coolest feature is that the skin selection is not limited to one per website – you can even have players using different skins on the same page.

The responsiveness of the two new W3 skins is not limited to the regular CSS media query, as WavePlayer also takes into account the actual calculated width of your main container. That way, the interface is always organized to fit what can really fit. The factory skin package also includes the two skins “Play’n’Wave” and “Thumb’n’Wave”, which are the simplest and most effective companions for your WooCommerce products on the product page and the store page. .

Tired of using cumbersome techniques to integrate a player with your WooCommerce audio-related products? We are listening to you … we are also listening! That’s why we developed probably the easiest way to integrate an audio player into your products. WavePlayer adds a preview file option to the WooCommerce Product Editor (located on the Advanced tab) where you can select one or more audio files to be associated with your product. We’re reproducing the same control you have for the downloadable file so you’ll be familiar with this option from the beginning. Once an audio file is associated with a product, WavePlayer takes care of the rest and adds a player to both your product pages and your store page in the simplest way you can imagine.

Is it a plus? This integration works out of the box with top rated premium and free WooCommerce themes like Avada, Astra, Bridge, Storefront (official WooCommerce theme), WPOcean, and the most popular plugins for WooCommerce like WooCommerce Product Table. WooCommerce. . Front End Manager. Your theme or plugin not collaborating? Send us a message in the comment section and we will do our best to help you install your products as soon as possible.

Modern operating systems offer the ability to switch their interfaces to dark mode. By selecting this setting, the user can decide whether the main interface of the device is light or dark. Recommended by many as a way to increase the battery life of their devices, this new option is becoming increasingly popular, and of course we couldn’t miss it in WavePlayer 3.0. You can now adjust your player to the user’s device color mode preference or force it to always be light or dark. When the WavePlayer is configured to follow the device’s color mode preference, the player will automatically change the appropriate style so that every user can enjoy the player in their favorite environment.

WavePlayer’s dark mode can work with your main WordPress theme, but it can also work regardless of whether your theme currently supports dark mode. WavePlayer is ready to react to any user’s dark mode settings, whether or not the themes support dark mode.

With native support for Gutenberg and Elementor, two of the most popular and well-integrated page builders on the market, WavePlayer 3 is the easiest and most intuitive player you can imagine. It has never been easier to create a page like you are viewing! Both the Gutenberg block and the Elementor widget offer all the options, making WavePlayer the most customizable audio player on the market. With both builders, you’ll have access to every skin, every palette, every style, every option you can use and even adjust to endless combinations on the same page.

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