W3 Total Cache Pro 2.2.0 NULLED – WordPress Caching Plugin

You are currently viewing W3 Total Cache Pro 2.2.0 NULLED – WordPress Caching Plugin
W3 Total Cache Pro NULLED - WordPress Caching Plugin

W3 Total Cache Pro 2.2.0 NULLED – WordPress Caching Plugin

W3 Total Cache Pro helps you speed up your WordPress website with all the necessary tools for beginner, intermediate, and advanced WordPress users to speed up their SEO, user experience, and search rankings. Grow your brand with W3TC today!

W3 Total Cache Pro Features:

  • 10X speed improvement
    When properly configured, W3 Total Cache Pro can deliver a 10x improvement in overall site performance (as specified by Google PageSpeed ​​Insights).
  • Easy installation with any housing
    Generally compatible with most shared hosting plans, VPS hosting, and dedicated server hosting. Simple installation and configuration.
  • Includes support for mobile devices
    W3 Total Cache speeds up your WordPress website no matter how your users access it. Mobile visitors will have the same speed of light as desktop visitors.
  • The Ultimate WordPress Cache Plugin
    W3 Total Cache is a plugin that grows with you. Initially, most websites need to implement page caching and browser caching, and W3 Total Cache does it for you with just a few clicks. Your caching needs increase as you grow. And W3TC will be there for you.
  • Caching a WordPress page
    Page caching for your WordPress website is one of the most important things you can do to speed up your site. W3 Total Cache does this quickly and easily for you and offers you several options for disk and RAM-based storage, such as Redis or Memcached.
  • Static file compression
    Whether you have Brotli or Gzip compression installed on your server, W3 Total Cache can take advantage of both to ensure you use the least amount of bandwidth balanced with the highest page speed. Your site will load faster and more reliably with W3TC.
  • Images on demand (late loading)
    Late loading delays loading images unless they appear on the first render. This allows you to have longer and richer pages while keeping the page performance as fast as possible.
  • Web server and stack compatibility
    Use Apache, NGINX, or a combination of the two to speed up your page like never before. W3 Total Cache uses its webserver to speed up your WordPress website like no other plugin.
  • Full location delivery by CDN
    With full site delivery through the Content Delivery Network, your visitors will receive the fastest possible response times for all content on your website, including HTML, media, CSS, and JavaScript. While hosting your website and DNS with your provider, all components of your website will be delivered using a worldwide network of servers. This provides better performance, especially when used in conjunction with other features such as browser caching, minimize, chunk caching, and late loading.
  • Late loading for Google Maps
    Speed ​​up loading time by optimizing Google Maps for your website visitors. Late loading ensures that the map doesn’t load until needed, making your page run much faster.
  • Cache tracking
    Chunk caching extends the core functionality of WordPress by allowing you to enable caching policies on groups of cached objects. The benefit of this approach is that not only can you optimize capabilities in themes and plugins to use caching to conserve resources and reduce response times, but you can also use caching methods like Memcached or Redis to climb. Instructions for use are available in the FAQ section of the help menu, or you can contact support for premium services to help improve website performance.
  • Caching the WordPress Rest API
    If you are using WordPress as a backend for integrations, then API caching might be for you. Similar to page caching, repeat requests will have significantly lower response times and consume fewer resources to deliver. Save resources or add performance to scale to the WordPress API today.
  • Remove CSS blocking playback
    CSS blocking rendering delays the appearance of a web page in time. Each of your css files delays the rendering of your page. The larger your CSS, the longer it will take for the page to load. With W3 Total Cache, you can remove unnecessary CSS on the first-page load to make it shine quickly.



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