uSchema 3.1.1 – Ultimate Rich Data Schema for WordPress

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uSchema - Ultimate Rich Data Schema for WordPress

uSchema 3.1.1 – Ultimate Rich Data Schema for WordPress

uSchema 3.0.3 is a simple yet powerful plugin that helps WordPress users and developers easily integrate advanced metadata and structured data into their websites.

uSchema also includes and Google’s structured data grid on the plugin’s backend to help you easily understand each step and option.

Only some settings and their scheme are established. It is not necessary to hire a professional for this task. You can do it by yourself. A few clicks here, a little configuration there, and you’re done. It will continue to automatically add schematics to all of your past and new posts.

It has extensive schematic documentation to help you get started. The documentation is constantly evolving. Our documentation can help you regardless of your skill level. You will feel right at home if you already know a lot about the scheme and nothing about how it works.

uSchema is the only plugin you need for a site’s SEO. Makes your website open to search engines using rich data. You will have a better chance of ranking on Google and other search engines. Google bots read what you want them to read on your website and display your website correctly in related searches.

It helps you look better in search engines. You have the opportunity to display your site navigation in search results. You will also get the changes that will show your website’s search box on the Google search results page. The more information that appears on Google, the more likely it is that users will click on your website. uSchema helps you display your content directly on Google search pages. This makes your website sexier than it is.

It is compatible with all types of posts available in WordPress. It doesn’t matter how it was created. The weather starts with some plugins that add it or some themes. It took care of this. You can set the schema with this post. If this post has custom fields that use the standard WordPress path, uSchema can use that too.

It allows you to add custom fields for schema properties. You can then display these fields on the interface of your website. This single option saves you the trouble of installing separate add-ons for posts with additional information. You can turn your regular post into whatever you want. All your additional information is added to the schematic and interface.

The schema is added using JSON-LD as recommended by Google. JSON-LD is embedded in the footer of your website to provide page speed. When JSON-LD syntax is checked, Google and Bing may complain with structured data test pulses.

It is highly optimized for your website speed with as little clutter as possible on the front end and backend. We have been careful not to include external requests as many schema plugins do on the market. Since all types of the schema are included with plugins, plugins do not always need to connect external resources to obtain information. But don’t let this confuse you, plugins only use the file they need, so without much processing, the plugin increases the speed of the backend.

Contains all the schemas for the front-end plugin in a single JSON-LD. So you don’t have any additional HTTP requests. It doesn’t matter how many outlines you have per page. All in one file.


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