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Universal Transporter Apps

Universal Transporter Apps is a micro online transport system. Anyone can have a small business delivery and shipping service industry, you don’t have to have lots of vehicles and a large company.

The exclusive GPS passenger transport app is designed for those who want to provide convenient and practical transport services for your version as the owner. Offer your customers intelligence functions for your company/travel agency and simple, practical order management focused on service demand.

This application system is a back-end and full front-end management for cloud-based and self-hosted programs (not add-ons for CMS); VPS compatible with PHP and MYSQL programs, you can install it on your hosting or web server. You just need to install the full font and create a SQL database for data storage.

When the Develop app for Android or iOS needs to use the hybrid app to view the page from the website, it can detect GPS location and is supported by the mobile browser user agent

Change the app logo and name according to your company or brand name, there are installation and usage tutorials to help you understand how everything works.

Any vehicle You can change the price rate for every 1Km for car, motorcycle, cargo, food delivery services.
It is designed for cross-platform so you can for Android, iPhone, Windows apps and smartwatch apps after you are already online on this app system servers.

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