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Ultimate Learning Pro WordPress Plugin

Ultimate Learning Pro Nulled is a new WordPress LMS plugin that will help you create a premium Learning platform for your future students and instructors. You can easily create courses, reward your students, collect feedback, and much more!

We are experienced with WordPress plugins, having built the successful Ultimate Membership Pro and Ultimate Affiliate Pro plugins. Ultimate Learning Pro is the most feature-rich LMS plugin out there and what sets us apart is that we bring you ALL the features right out of the box. We have no hidden costs or paywall features.

You can turn your website into a real business, sell courses through all popular methods, and have instructors manage your students, start your premium learning platform today!

Ultimate Learning Pro Features:

  • Intuitive course builder
    Easily create, edit and maintain online courses with our friendly user interface.
  • All-inclusive
    All premium add-ons are included in the price, you get everything from scratch with no hidden costs
  • Enrollment control
    With Ultimate Learning Pro, your users can sign up to automatically become Students and/or Instructors or you can add them manually. You can even add multiple instructors.
  • Paypal payment
    Your users can use PayPal’s direct payment method.
  • Stripe payment
  • Your users can use Stripe’s direct payment method.
  • Membership payment
    You can link a course to an Ultimate Membership Pro level.
  • WooCommerce payment
    Your users can use the payment methods built into WooCommerce.
  • EDD payment
    You can link a course to an easy-to-download digital item
  • Student Notes
    The special form is generated by the plugin where your students can take notes during the courses.
  • Student badges
    Set up badges to reward your students for completing certain conditions.
  • Reward points
    Reward your students with points when they answer questions, complete a quiz, lesson, or course. Use the points as a precondition for your courses.
  • Wish list
    Allow your students to save a course to their personal wish list for later use.
  • Grade book
    Students will be able to view their grades in a special form generated by the plugin.
  • Course certificates
    Certificates can be added for courses, given to your students at the end of the course.
  • Course reviews
    Help your sales grow by receiving honest reviews of your courses written by students.
  • Course difficulty
    Define difficulty levels and assign them to your courses to help potential clients make the right choice.
  • Course estimate timer
    Establish an estimate of how long it will take to complete this course.
  • Featured Course
    Highlight a course in the public section to attract interest with the click of a button.
  • Course price
    Determine if a course is free or paid and set the price.
  • Lesson preview
    Make a lesson available to everyone to get an idea of ​​what the course is like.
  • Drip content of the lesson
    Control when a lesson is available to your students by scheduling content releases.
  • Lesson duration
    Set the minimum amount of time a user must spend on a lesson to prevent them from clicking Next, next to pass a lesson with ease.
  • Test timer
    Set a number of minutes after which the test will end.
  • Random questions
    Show the questions in a quiz in random order at a time.
  • Randomize Multiple Choice Answers
    Show the multiple-choice answers in a random order each time.
  • Determine passing grade
    Set the minimum grade a user must obtain to pass a quiz or course.
  • Scroll notifications
    Create notifications that will be received by your users on mobile through Pushover.
  • Various instructors
    Ultimate Learning Pro has the functionality of adding multiple instructors to a course, this is available from scratch at no additional cost.
  • MyCred integration
    MyCred is integrated into ULP, which allows its users to earn points for certain actions, you have full control over them.
  • Bills
    Allow your users to access your invoices.
  • BuddyPress integration
    BuddyPress is integrated into Ultimate Learning Pro, adding a new tab to your BuddyPress public profile.
  • Custom Coins
    ULP allows the addition of new currencies along with the predefined list based on custom symbols.
  • Custom account tabs
    You can create and reorder menu items on the account page.

How To Free Download?

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