Ultimate Affiliate Pro 7.2 NULLED – WordPress Affiliate Program

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Ultimate Affiliate Pro NULLED - WordPress Affiliate Program

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Nulled is the newest and most complete affiliate WordPress plugin that allows you to provide a premium platform for your affiliates with different rewards and amounts based on levels or special offers.

You can turn your website into a true income and business machine where you just have to sit back and let others do the work for you!

Each affiliate can create their own marketing campaign and attract more affiliates through their “multi-level marketing” strategy.

Ultimate Affiliate Pro Features:

  • Successful rankings
    Divide your affiliates into separate tiers and assign a different commission level. Each affiliate can move up to the next level after achieving the achievements.
  • Unlimited affiliates
    There is no limit to the number of affiliates who can promote your products and services.
  • Private amount
    Set a percentage or a fixed amount for each level, offer or custom commission as MLM rewards
  • Special offers
    Affiliates can earn different commissions based on the products purchased. The offer can be limited to a range of dates.
  • Multi-level marketing
    Turn your affiliate platform into an MLM system that will allow your own members to get new leads. A UniLevel Plan, Force Matrix or Binary Matrix system can be configured according to your needs.
  • Commissions for life
    Allow your affiliates to earn commissions on all future customer purchases. Now worrying about cookies or different browsers
  • Performance bonuses
    Set up bonus commissions when one of your partners accesses a certain level or signs up for the first time. Each level can have a different bonus.
  • Poster management
    It provides different banners to help its affiliates promote their products and services on any website with an embed code.
  • PayPal payments
    Pay affiliate earnings through PayPal, directly from the Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard with just a few clicks. Choose to pay certain referrals or the full deposit.
  • Stripe Payments
    Pay US affiliates your earnings in just a few clicks directly from the Ultimate Affiliate Pro dashboard through Stripe.
  • Duplicate redirects
    Reward Commissions for a special amount and recurring subscriptions to Membership systems that differ from one Level to another.
    Allow your own routing
  • Let your partner earn commissions from your referrals
  • Registry references
    It can be used for the membership system, which gives a fixed commission when registering as a referring user
  • social network
    Integrated with Social Share & Locker, it provides Share button options for your affiliate to share affiliate links on the social network.
  • Option integration
    10 Integrated Email Marketing Platforms Where You Can Store Your Affiliate Emails For More Newsletter Campaigns.
  • Landing commission
    Custom module covering any desired workflow rewarding Affiliates based on landing page, successful signup, or completed checkout stage.
  • Purse
    Affiliates will have the option to spend their earnings on subsequent purchases directly on the website based on coupons generated with a fixed discount.
  • Affiliate Coupons
    Associate an affiliate with a WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download or Ultimate Membership Pro coupon code that will be rewarded every time a customer uses this coupon on their systems.
  • Custom Slug Affiliate
    Provide personal information as well as a default username or ID so affiliates can hide their ID or company name behind a custom slug.
  • Affiliate friendly links
    Affiliates will be able to use easy links instead of the default link with a more attractive structure when the link is shared and it is much easier to read.
  • Fair pay award
    Customers decide which affiliate to receive a reward during the checkout process.
  • BuddyPress account page
    Integrate the affiliate account page section directly into the BudyPress account page as a normal tab.
  • WooCommerce account page
    Integrate the affiliate account page section directly into the WooCommerce account page as a normal tab.
  • Special currency
    If your currency is not available in the system, you can add your own currency to use later.
  • Best partners
    Provides a general list with your main affiliates ordered by income, referrals or visits with 10 predefined templates.

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