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TroikaDumper application was created to save money on the purchase and replacement of the Troika card. To read and write, you need Android ≥ 4 with an NFC chip that supports the Mifare standard. The NFC chip must be from NXP! Broadcom chips will not work!

TroikaDumper What is the application for?

The application was created solely to recognize the NFC function so that people can understand the principle of read-write. The troika card is just one example. Read, save and write state works with any NFC card.

How to save money and avoid frequent crashes?

To begin with, the accident will happen in any case, but how fast it will be is only up to you.

Let’s calculate:

Without application: the cost of the Troika card is 50 rubles + 1 trip – 42 rubles. Total: The cost of 2 trips with the new Troika card is about 150 rubles (including the cost of the card).
With the add-on: After purchasing a Troika card, replenish your balance 100 rubles. We spend 150 rubles. We kept this status (100 rubles balance). We made 2 trips, 0 rubles on the card. We start the application, select the registration file, trust our card with which we saved the situation and write on the same 100 rubles. Everyone. Card balance is again 100 rubles.

It seems to me that the savings are clear and there is no need to explain anything here.
According to this “replenishment” scheme, you can travel 3 to 15 times, then the card is blocked, and again you need to spend 150 rubles to buy a Troika card and re-save and restore the balance.

Usually I check my balance in the official Troika. Deposit and payment request.

What is causing an accident?

This is because the expiration date is also recorded at the time of card status storage. As a result, the expiration date always reverts to its original state. This date does not coincide with the general foundation of the Moscow Metro several times and is blocked because the card is defective.

Paid version of the application

For those who don’t want to buy permanent cards, I redesigned the main app a bit, added a change to the expiration date and posted to the card, but was paid because the card can be used indefinitely … I’ve been traveling for at least the 4th month and the card is still not blocked.

Install Instructions:

  • Install TroikaDumper.apk
  • Start the application and paste the “Troika” card, then the current status should be displayed: balance, time of the last step and terminal number.
  • When reading the card, the memory status is automatically saved and located in the file (lower right button)
  • To write the saved status to the card, select the required file from the archive and press the write button. lower left button)

How To Free Download?

Download “TroikaDumper” now from the download button given below.

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