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Thrive Ovation NULLED - WordPress reviews plugin

Thrive Ovation 3.0 NULLED – WordPress Reviews Plugin

Thrive Ovation referrals can increase conversions by 34% … so why not use them? Install WordPress Comment Plugin – Thrive Ovation! The easiest way to start taking advantage of one of the most underrated conversion drivers.

What changed online shopping forever at -95?

Let me ask you something. What was the first thing you did the last time you bought it online?

Be honest now.

Have you looked at the reviews? Have you read the references?

I’m sure you did, we all do.

In 1995, Amazon released public product reviews and everyone thought they had committed suicide.

Today, we cannot imagine shopping online without knowing what other people are saying.

If you looked at a sales page, clicked, came back the next day, read the copy more before clicking the buy button, you know that anxiety begins when you think about parting with your money.

Does this product work? The price is worth it? Will it work in my industry? Is it worth my time? Is this a scam?

Insights have the power to alleviate this concern and complement the sale.

They provide the social proof you need – You are not the first to buy. And they can answer the most important question: “Does this work in my particular situation?”

How can I get valuable information that improves conversions?

By now, I’m sure you understand how strong testimonials are for your business.

They are almost guaranteed to drive conversions.

Wikijob saw a 34% increase in conversions when they added 3 simple reference citations to their home page. And Hotel Institute Montreaux increased the number of registrations by 50% by adding a referral to their landing page.

But still collecting and managing referrals is like flossing your teeth. You know you have to, but you don’t because it’s a real hassle.

If you’ve been consistent with this (congratulations!), You’ll have a binder full of random references on different offers and aspects of your business. It will take you a long time to read them all and choose the best one.

And when you finally find a good fit, how will you display it?

Screenshots look horrible on a sales page and become unreadable on mobile devices, and copying the message in a predictable format saves you a lot of time. Not to mention, elements like full name, photo, and website are likely missing to make your testimonials seem credible.

How to make the “NULLED” version if you have already updated the plugin?

Open the file \ thrive-dashboard \ classes \ Product \ LicenseManager.php

if (empty ($ this-> license_data)) {
return false;

Change to:

if (empty ($ this-> license_data)) {
return true;


How To Free Download?

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