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Thrive Headline Optimizer NULLED - beautiful headlines for WordPress

Thrive Headline Optimizer 1.9 NULLED – Beautiful Headlines For WordPress

Thrive Headline Optimizer is a plugin to increase the conversion of your WordPress posts and it will make your posts a great success. How often do you post a new post, but after hours, no one will simply write a comment or post the news on social media? You may think nobody wants to comment, but then you notice a post that lacks useful information but there is active discussion in the comments and shared on social networks. And they don’t pay attention to your content. This happens often and is mostly due to poorly designed headlines that do not encourage the viewer to click. If you don’t know, people are five times more likely to read headlines than the text itself. Great headlines grab attention, catch clicks, and drive your content more than any other factor.
Since you STILL do not have a single comment or post on social media, how often did you “post” on your new post and do the little victory dance, just to get disappointed after a few hours?

It’s easy to think that nobody cares until you see a post that isn’t good at engaging. Your content is unlikely to be forgotten because it’s not even visible.

This happens all the time, and that’s just not fair. However, this is not about justice.

This is because your headline doesn’t attract your audience to click.

Did you know that five times as many people read the title than the body of the text?

How to use the plugin?

First step: write a title. The more headlines in your copyrighted text, the better the results. The plugin comes with templates to make your job easier.

Second step: everything is ready. Start testing and Thrive Headline Optimizer will do the rest. Your audience will see the selected title options and the plugin will collect statistics. The plugin will choose the best header layout to maximize your audience engagement, based on interaction factors such as clicks, watch time, and more.

Quick and easy A / B head test
Quickly find the most clickable title for your content to get more engagement instead of visitors leaving your website.

Thrive Headline Optimizer Features:

  • Batch test
    Save time and optimize all your available content to start seeing results right away.
  • Detailed A / B Test Metrics
    Explore the different metrics for each topic and see how it improves winner engagement.
  • Participation reports
    Get a “Total Report” – this is a quick overview to help you understand how interesting your viewers find your content.
  • Install and forget
    Set your own auto-winning settings for better CTR and greater participation in autopilot
  • Very easy
    Superfast app even for beginners without the need to know A / B testing or have a degree in statistical analysis.
  • Detailed reports
    Focus your attention only on what really matters to your website: click-through rate, scrolling rate, or time spent on content.
  • WooCommerce compatible
    Test your WooCommerce product names to get the most clicks and maximize your revenue.

How to make the “NULLED” version if you have already updated the plugin?

Open the file \ thrive-dashboard \ classes \ Product \ LicenseManager.php

if (empty ($ this-> license_data)) {
return false;

Change to:

if (empty ($ this-> license_data)) {
return true;


How To Free Download?

Download “Thrive Headline Optimizer” now from the download button given below.

Note: If you have any problem while downloading, kindly disable Adblock for this site.
Still, facing any issues? feel free to contact us.

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