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Thrive Comments NULLED

Thrive Comments 2.0 NULLED – WordPress Plugin

Download Thrive Comments NULLED – Build an army of interactive visitors with the Thrive Comments WordPress plugin. Make the most overlooked feature on your website your most valuable asset.

Would you put a quarter in a vending machine that gives nothing? Of course not. So why should visitors comment on your posts?

If they update their status on Facebook, they’ll get likes and comments within minutes. If they post it on Reddit, they might win a coveted trophy next to their name. When they address Quora, they can be chosen as the best answer to this question.

In a world where we are constantly being taught to win rewards through likes, games, and social verification, leaving a comment on a WordPress website can seem very … meh. The most a visitor can hope for is a simple answer.

Exclusive to Thrive, Suite customers, the Thrive Comments plugin has collected the most addictive elements from social media and community forums, adding them to your WordPress comments, creating an irresistible channel for your audience to interact with your site.

How to make the “NULLED” version if you have already updated the plugin?

Open the file \ thrive-dashboard \ classes \ Product \ LicenseManager.php

if (empty ($ this-> license_data)) {
return false;

Change to:

if (empty ($ this-> license_data)) {
return true;


How to Free Download:

Note: You can download by clicking the below button,  If you’re facing trouble downloading “Thrive Comments NULLED”, please disable AdBlocker for this site or you can change your web browser to faster download. If you will face any issues, please contact us.

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