TaskGo SaaS 2.6.0 Nulled – Tasks Management Tool

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TaskGo SaaS – Tasks Management Tool

TaskGo SaaS 2.6.0 Nulled – Tasks Management Tool

TaskGo SaaS 2.6.0 is an advanced task management tool that allows you to manage project tasks with extreme ease. It is a very effective tool that allows you to tackle multiple tasks under one safe roof. This cost-effective tool is here to simplify task management. With an SAAS version, create plans using a super administrator login.

TaskGo SaaS: what to expect from the task management tool:

  • An effective dashboard for understanding various aspects of tasks and projects.
  • Access to the tool in several languages.
  • Feasibility to find tasks with a search tab at the top.
  • Task management by drag and drop kanban.
  • Expense management and project schedule.
  • Checklist, add favorites, attachments, multi-user, etc. Various options for task details like.
  • Assignment of multiple users for convenience with different module permissions.
  • Dark mode function adapted to DPI displays.
  • Many project configuration options.
  • Email templates to send emails immediately.
  • Attractive graphs and reports.
  • Add your client and project user
  • Send and receive invoices
  • Make your payments with the Stripe payment gateway and Paypal with the Recurring Payment option.

feature of SAAS:

  • Create the best plans for your business model with a super admin login. Choose an appropriate price and duration for the plan created. You can assign a maximum number of users and projects. Make the payment via payment gateway strip and paypal. If the plan is not renewed after it expires, it will be disabled.
  • Efficient control panel
    It offers a versatile dashboard that allows you to keep a tab on projects, tasks, expenses and total users. It also provides a graphical representation of the task overview and timeline for a current week. You can check the project status of multiple projects and also keep a to-do list. You can also manage your best projects and to-do in the dashboard with a simple click that will take you to the detail page.
  • Project management
    The Project tab allows you to view your projects in grid and list view. It allows you to filter projects with different options. The checked option allows you to search for projects based on their status. It also allows you to invite members to different projects.
  • Project features
    By selecting each project, you will get detailed information. You can access a brief summary through the statistical view of the task performed, expenses, days left, open tasks, milestones achieved, assigned users, assigned hours and time spent. In short, all the details of a project. You can add new users and manage their permissions. The milestone view tab allows you to view, edit and delete milestone details. You can download files added for tasks and view the activity log for a specific project.
  • Task and timely management
    The kanban board for tasks allows you to drop and drag them according to the completion status of the tasks. You can add and view comments, attachments, and checklists for each task. You can add a new task by giving a name, estimated times, users, and dates. You can choose the milestone and priority for each task that will allow you to easily manage your timeline.
  • Time plan
    By adding tasks, you can manage the timeline for each project. This ensures that the project is completed on time and you know which user worked for how long on each task.
  • Bills
    Track project expenses by adding attachments for each expense.
  • Project setup
    Basic settings allow you to assign the name, description and dates of the project. For your convenience, you can upload the project image and change the status of projects. You can also manage project and task progress through manual entry. It allows you to assign additional settings, budget, hours and tags. You can add your currency symbol to estimate the budget. The task stage allows you to add and remove task stages. Manage various project notifications with simple settings.
  • Things to do
    You can search for tasks through available alternatives. You can also filter the tasks according to their priority and due date. Each task takes you to a kanban board that you can manage via drag and drop.
  • User overview
    Get a detailed view of users’ timeline, tasks, skills, projects, attachments, to-do and social media details in one page. The graphical display of each user’s timeline is easily accessible.
  • calendar
    The calendar will give you an overview of tasks organized by their priorities and due dates.
  • Summary of my profile
    You will get the users overview as well as your profile. Detailed information on timeline, tasks, deadlines, projects and social media details. Manage your profile by filling in basic and basic information through the basic settings. You can also manage your security with a simple click.
  • Dark mode
    Manage this vehicle’s visuals with a built-in light and dark mode alternative. It fits perfectly to normal and high DPI displays.
  • Administrator settings
    This task management tool is available in multiple languages, making it available to a large number of people. There are 4 different email templates that you can use in your chosen language. Send emails instantly with these instant templates.

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