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StoreGo SaaS - Online Store Builder

StoreGo SaaS 2.7.0 Nulled – Online Store Builder

StoreGo SaaS NULLED is here to provide a seamless transition from the backend of your store to the front end. From product inventory management to order fulfillment, every aspect of your store can be closed in a single tab via StoreGo. Enjoy a manageable showcase with a simple user interface.

Effective store management always requires a strong backend. It doesn’t matter if this store is online or not anymore. It still requires an efficiently working backend for a seamless front-end deployment. While you can manage product inventories and orders from the backend, you can fulfill orders with an interactive front-end interface.

As the store operates on two fronts, StoreGo will offer 2 dashboards for effective management of both; back end and front end.
You can find an overview of total products, sales, and orders, as well as a list of your best-selling and most recent orders. Also, see the order chart for your last 15 days here.
Get complete store analytics, from traffic across various browsers, devices, and platforms to your best URLs, get all the insights about your visitors in this dashboard.

The interface will provide a representation of all the settings you’ve applied to the backside. So it will create a view of the shopping site in the interface. The products will be listed here by category.

Get all the product details by clicking a tab and adding it. Users can add the required products to the basket. After adding the required shipping and invoice details, the customer can proceed to the payment process. They can also initiate the payment through a secure gateway and finalize the order.

After the order is placed, the stocks will be managed accordingly in the background from product inventories. Also, the user will receive a unique order link.


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