Social Warfare Pro 4.2.1 NULLED – WordPress Social Media Buttons Plugin

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Social Warfare Pro NULLED - WordPress Social Media Buttons Plugin

Social Warfare Pro 4.2.1 NULLED – WordPress Social Media Buttons Plugin

Social Warfare Pro 4.2.1 is an add-on for Warfare Add-ons. The plugin provides analytics, the ability to display the number of actions only after a certain number of people have shared the post, and there are over 75 different options for layout. You can use a plugin to add click-to-tweet functionality to your posts. It supports social support. Networks: Reddit Tumblr Yummly WhatsApp Pocket Buffer Hacker News Flipboard Email.

Additional sharing options:

In addition to the 6 default share buttons offered by Social Warfare, Pro license holders can access the following social sharing buttons:

  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Delicious
  • Whats up
  • Pocket
  • Buffer
  • Hacker news
  • Flipboard
  • E-mail address
  • In addition to additional social networks, you can reactivate, follow and view the number of Twitter tweets.

Correct all pictures:

Enabling the Image Scroll Pin button places a “Pin” button on top of each image in your content when the reader hovers the mouse. This makes it easy to share every image on your page on Pinterest!

Social Warfare is one of the pioneers in customizing the way your content is shared, especially with Pinterest. The Social Warfare – Pro plugin lets you decide exactly which image, title and description will appear when your content is shared on sites like Facebook and Google+. This also applies to any other network that uses Open Graph data for social sharing.

On top of that, you can upload a custom Pinterest image and write a custom description so that when someone clicks the pin button, the exact image you chose will appear exactly with the description you typed. No more hope that your readers will pick the best image and write the description that suits you best!

Besides that, you can also write a private tweet when someone clicks the Twitter button. The full tweet you wrote will appear in the Twitter share box, and Social Warfare will automatically add the link to your content and your @ username at the end.

These capabilities are what bloggers and social media marketers hope for.

Special design and installation:

Customize the sharing networks you view, how your buttons appear and where they appear.

You can choose from 6 different button shapes, 8 different color themes, and the ability to choose custom colors for your buttons. The design combinations are unlimited.

You will also get 6 different Click-to-Tweet styles and the option to create your own style via your theme’s CSS.

Minimal social proof:

If you prefer to show counts only after a certain minimum number of actions has been reached (to avoid “negative social proof”), you can do that too. Or if you don’t want counts to be displayed, turn them off completely.

Stock recovery: Lost stock accounts recovered!
Have you ever changed permalink structures, domain prefixes, connection protocols (http-https) or changed domains completely and lost all your social shares?

If you had to change your permalink settings, we created a tool called Stock Recovery directly in Social Warfare that allows you to recover your lost stock accounts.

Link Shortening, Analytics Campaign Tracking and Button Click Tracking:

Automatically shorten shared links using your own Bitly credentials so you can keep track of how many clicks have been on your links.

Also, if you are a Google Analytics user, you can configure Analytics tracking so that each shared link contains a network-specific UTM tracking code. This way, you can keep track of all incoming links that come as a direct result of Social Warfare actions.

You can also turn on event tracking in Google Analytics to see exactly how many times your buttons have been clicked.

There is no doubt that Social Warfare is the most powerful sharing plugin available for WordPress. You get all these superior features while taking advantage of a super fast and lightweight code base.

How To Free Download?

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