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Similar Products

Similar Products modification allows you to (automatically) link products together and displays their relationships/links separately from the property of the related products. It works the same as related products, but with many additional features.

You can manually select similar products or the extension can automatically select products by manufacturer, category, manufacturer and category, product tags, name, model, or custom string. In fact, you can mix similar manually added products with automatically selected products.

Similar Products Features

  • Automatic selection of similar products
    Matching product tags from the same category, same manufacturer, same category, and same manufacturer, matching part of the product name or model, or matching a custom string (all configurable per product)
  • Manual selection
    In addition to automatic selection, you can also manually select similar products (or use both methods at the same time)
  • Slow charging
    Option to load module content only when the module is displayed on the client
  • Only stock
    Option to show only products in stock
  • Various sorting options
    Sort similar products by name, model, most viewed, quantity, sort order, date added, date modified or sort order randomly
  • Multiple module positions
    The module can be displayed in any or all of the following locations: Content Tab, Left Column, Right Column, Parent Content, or Child Content on the product page
  • Adjustable product image size
  • Option to limit the maximum number of similar products displayed
  • Option to configure the number of products displayed per page

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Similar Products

Similar Products 4.1.14

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