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Quotations Pro - Receive and Send Quotes

Roja45 Module: Quotations Pro – Receive and Send Quotes Increase in sales. Manage customer requests or create direct offers, offer discounts, and special shipping rates. Customers can order directly from the quotation or create quotes and orders from the back office. Many additional functions, see below.

Roja45 Module: Quotations Pro Features:

Front Office Features

  • It works in sales mode and catalog mode.
  • Allow single or multiple item quote requests.
  • Hide prices of tradable products.
  • Enable specific products for the offer.
  • Enable bidding options by customer group.
  • A bid basket provides multiple item quotation requests where the customer can add the activated products to the bid basket and request the bid when ready.
  • Convert the shopping cart into a quote request or download a PDF copy.
  • Customers can purchase a quote directly from the quote email.
  • Quote details and history available in the customer account area.
  • Allow multiple purchases from a single quote.
  • Recaptcha v3 support, avoid spam requests.
  • Prestashop supports customization fields, the saved customization information will request a quote.
  • Download a PDF copy of the quote proposal.

Back Office Features

  • Full management of offers, tracking, and creation of requests, editing, and sending of offers.
  • Add and edit multiple product groups at the same time. Quickly arrange your offers to get your offer to your customer as quickly as possible.
  • PDF and email template editor. No need to edit templates directly, use the WYSIWYG editor to create your own PDF, email, and quick response templates.
  • There are many bid data points that can be added to templates.
  • Set expiration dates for offers. Highlight the proposals that should be made in the back office.
  • The form editor allows you to capture all the information you need to create an accurate quote for your client.
  • There are multiple types of form elements:
    – Text field
    – Text field
    – Button
    – Dropdown selection
    – Date selection
    – checkbox
    – Address form: the address form can be used to automatically create a customer account with an address to be able to place orders quickly.
  • Create multiple request forms assigned according to product categories, capture different customer information for different products in your catalog.
  • Offer the customer a customized product price for each item in the budget.
  • Add a discount to offers that will be applied to an order at checkout.
  • Include in your offer the specific shipping costs that will be applied to an order at checkout.
  • Restrict the shipping options shown to the customer based on the cargo added to the offer.
  • Quick response option. Provide instant customer response, create a quote, and send emails asynchronously for a better user experience.
  • Email the quote to the customer
  • The customer can buy directly from the e-mail.
  • The offer is available in the customer accounts area.
  • If only the catalog store is used, the customer can request an employee to create an order using the same notification system through the account section.
  • See the number of requests for quotations requiring responses in the back office header and FavIcon (Prestashop 1.6 and 1.7)
  • Save a quote as a template and quickly create new quotes using the saved details.
  • It is fully compatible with the tax system, captures invoice and delivery details, and calculates the tax based on your choice.
  • Set an expiry date for the quote, the customer will see it in the email and in the customer account area.
    Export offers to PDF.
  • Communication with the customer, integrated into the Prestashop customer service process.

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