RockPOS Module 4.2.6 – Point of Sale and Omnichannel

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RockPOS Module - Point of Sale and Omnichannel

RockPOS Module is the leading POS system for PrestaShop. The authors helped shorten the checkout process, helped online retailers sell their products in real stores, and helped the business owner.

RockPOS Module Features:

  • Accelerate Your Sales – By connecting to the barcode and printer, RockPOS’s easy-to-use design lets you control it with just a few clicks. With this fast service, there will be no more grumpy customers waiting for check-out.
  • Helps You Make Informed Decisions: RockPOS provides you with timely and accurate reports on your sales, order quantity, and employee performance over various periods of time. This powerful reporting information helps you make smarter, more profitable decisions to grow your business even faster.
  • Build relationships with your customers – Don’t wait for your customers to come back, give them reasons to do so with our RockPOS loyalty program. Learn about their shopping habits to understand what they like, then you can make an offer that they can’t resist.
  • Grow Your Business With Ease – Without the hassle of setup and hidden fees, RockPOS alleviates the pain of the growing business by allowing you to set up and sell in no time, and add new staff, products, and locations with just a few clicks.
  • Provide you with the highest level of support: As a proud ranking of PrestaShop Superheroes, we are a company built on the success of our customers. The RockPOS support team is always at your fingertips if you need help.
  • Less time at the checkout counter: No more “ugly” customers impatiently waiting for the checkout queue, because you can easily complete an order quickly and accurately.
  • Reward Points – Points are earned based on your transaction and RockPOS helps convert these points into monetary value that can be used for future purchases.
  • Product Returns / Exchanges – This can be seen as a guarantee option for your customers. Let them return the product, it will definitely increase your confidence in their business and don’t worry, we stand behind it. The return / exchange process has been made extremely easy for you.
  • Flexible discount: You can choose to give discounts to your customers in many ways: discount on the product in the cart, discount on total orders, redemption of loyalty points or coupons, etc. They all work with RockPOS.

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