QR Menu Maker SaaS 2.1.1 – Contactless QR Restaurant Menus

You are currently viewing QR Menu Maker SaaS 2.1.1 – Contactless QR Restaurant Menus
QR Menu Maker - SaaS - Contactless qr restaurant menus

QR Menu Maker SaaS 2.1.1 – Contactless QR Restaurant Menus

QR Menu Maker SaaS 2.1.1 Start a contactless restaurant menu business in less than 10 minutes. Recently, a restaurant needs modern and clean solutions for a traditional way of working. Their tables include a menu. With this tool, they can create both a digital menu and a qr for it. Print templates are also available.

Benefits for the project owner:

Start a subscription business in less than 10 minutes
Solid solution without the need for an additional monthly fee or any additional services.
It doesn’t take time to run this business. It is fully automatic and scalable.
Take advantage of this epidemic and turn it in your favor.

Benefits for restaurants:

Give guests a clean, modern solution to viewing your menu. Regular print menus are retouched up to 100 hands per day.
The paper menu is quickly going bad. So they have to press it again. With the QR menu, the QR card or sticker is protected and can last much longer.
For any new food, they need to reprint their menu or make a new paper on their menu, using a print menu. They go to the website with the QR menu and update the menu.
Environmentally friendly. I large restaurant menu = 1 tree. Yes really.
You can share restaurant menus online. According to research by OpenTable https://go.opentable.com/rs/531-AOS-877/images/OpenTableTechnologyAndDiningOut2015l.pdf, 86% of customers regularly check online menus before eating.

Benefits for clients:

Super clean solution. They use their phones to scan the QR and see the menu. A mobile app is not required.
They will not touch anything touched by 100 different hands in one day.
It is not necessary to wait for a waiter to bring the menu.
Sometimes at larger tables, guests have to wait for others to read the menu and then move on to them. Now everyone can have the menu instantly using their phones.
According to a study, 20% of the prices of printed menus are out of date. With the QR menu, you will always see current prices and menu items.
They will be able to quickly see the correct price of the product. They can choose different product variants and variant extras.

How To Free Download?

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