Product Sales Report Pro for WooCommerce 2.2.11

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Product Sales Report Pro for WooCommerce

Product Sales Report Pro for WooCommerce Quickly create effective sales reports for your WooCommerce store. Get the metrics you need for better planning and smart decision-making. Set up an unlimited number of reports, save them as templates, and access them with one click. A good report is essential for monitoring product sales performance, planning effective sales strategies, better sales forecasts, accurate accounting, inventory management, and maintaining or reducing your sales cycle.

Product Sales Report Pro for WooCommerce Features:

  • Generate and share with one click: download your reports with one click or email them to anyone
  • Create presets – save custom report settings, generate reports faster, and move presets to other sites
  • Sort by date range – with presets or custom start and end dates
  • Order status classification: include or exclude pending, processed, pending, completed, canceled, refunded, and failed payments
  • For specific user roles, including WordPress built-in roles, WooCommerce added roles and custom roles
  • Customer orders with a specific field
  • Include specific products, based on product category, product identification, labels, products with a specific field, and product variation.
  • Grouping – Add an additional reporting field to the mix
  • Sort: Choose the field by which you want the report to be sorted and the order in which it will be displayed.
  • Set fields to include: add, delete and drag and drop ordering
  • Format your report: title with dynamic fields, include a header and row of totals, and file format options
  • Advanced styling – design your reports with custom CSS and branding

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